Trying to Start Fresh ft. Setbacks

Yesterday I went to two study abroad meetings. Studying abroad never seemed like it could be an option for me because
1.) I’m petrified
2.) Money
I’ve been talking myself into going to those meetings all week and I was getting really excited. This program that I was looking into was for Rome. I would be taking photography and film classes which basically means I would go all over the city taking pictures and learning about the area. I tried so incredibly hard not to fall in love with this program but I really couldn’t help it. This would be a dream to do over the summer.
Now for the two fears I listed above, one of them is very conquerable. The program director was at this meeting and she explained how she is very aware that most of the people who would be in her program would be flying or going across the country for the first time. Her goal was to not only teach us about Rome and all it’s glory, but to also make us feel as comfortable as possible about traveling and the logistics before the trip even began. That put me at ease big time because traveling alone would be the ultimate you-are-now-an-adult step into the real world that I am still completely petrified of.
Money cannot be fixed by comfort. It’s so frustrating that I may not be able to go because of money…I’m going to apply for this trip anyway, the worst that can happen is I back out, but I need to figure out how to make money and save money. How do you raise money for a big trip?
Finding myself wasn’t going to be easy I did not convince myself of that, but I am very excited to see where I will be in May. It may be someplace spectacular.



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