“Me Time?”

So it’s still snowing here. Which is now starting to drive me up a wall. I used to love snow, you know until I was forced to walk in it everywhere. I’ve had this rough cough so the cold air is not helping it.
This was the only section of my post where I will whine.

I’m trying to become comfortable being alone. My friend was telling me how she loves her alone time when her roommate isn’t home. But whenever I’m left alone I get anxious and nervous. I either go on twitter or Facebook or a frantically try to text someone. I need to be able to be comfortable with myself and my own thoughts. And that means not talking to someone 24/7. So I went to the dining hall, got my iPod and treated myself to some hot chocolate. Sure I have a pile of work that I haven’t looked at but hey, I need this little piece of “me time.”

“Me time” has always been something I’ve perceived as selfish. People would always hold their nose up in the air explaining how they didn’t want to deal with their family or friends anymore they needed “me time.” I mean maybe that’s just me. Who knows. I don’t feel selfish taking sometime to myself. I feel okay even. I just burned my poor tongue on my hot chocolate but I’m people watching and enjoying some time alone with my thoughts. Nothing selfish about that.



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