Throwback Post – Saving the World With Your Individuality

So I’m in this class that I normally despise.  To me it is this huge brainwashing class that basically was trying to convince me (the student) that I am evil for being a consumer in America and that if I disagree with this particular way of thinking then I am wrong. Hmph. A lot of people go for it though. I mean this is just my biased description of this GenEd I am in. I digress.

I went to an extra credit movie tonight because, who doesn’t like extra credit, and the movie was <i>I Am</i>, Which was written, filmed, and directed by Tom Shadyac. He’s the guy that made all of the funny Jim Carrey movies like <i>Ace Ventura</i> and <i>Liar, Liar</i> (a personal favorite).

The beginning of the movie was dry , just like my Brainwashing Class, saying things like,

“We are not citizens, but we are consumers”

“We are killing the earth”

“Humans are a problem”

Okay, my problem with this ideology is that we, as a people, really truly aren’t. My PR professor always talks about the 10%. The 10% are all of the scumbags, lowlifes and bad people that give good people a bad rep. The only reason everyone talks about the 10% is because bad news sells.

But then the movie shifted, and it started talking about how people are connected and how we are programmed in our DNA to feel sympathy. There is something in our brain that when we see someone in pain or hurt, we can’t distinguish the pain from our own, so we feel their pain.  That war is something that is not born in us, that we as humans weren’t trained to kill each other.  That’s why soldiers come back home with PTSD and suicide rates for soldiers are high because this is not a natural phenomenon. Endorphins that we experience when doing a good thing is the body’s way of telling us to keep up these actions This positive reinforcement that  if you do good, then you will feel good.

I was sitting in my seat thinking ‘yes. This is it. This is how I feel’. I don’t think humans are bad. I really honestly do have faith in this human race and in my generation.  I recognize a lot of the bad and awful things that are going on in the world and it pains me. Things are denser than I actually thought they were and I am becoming aware of that.  But I can’t accept the fact that we as humans are killing the world.

That the economy is.

That money is.

Yes. Money is something that is man-made. The ideology behind the mechanics of money is fabricated by humans so we do, in fact, create our very own problem when we, as a society, revolve ourselves and our problems around something that is manufactured by humans. But I don’t look at myself in the mirror and see myself, as evil. I see me as an individual. I was taught selfishness. I was also taught compassion. I don’t believe selfishness turns the world that we live in. I do believe compassion does. If the argument is that, individuals can change the world, then I see compassion in individuals. Individuals make up society, so where there is destruction I do believe that there is compassion under that, somewhere looking for a way out. Humans aren’t evil. The world isn’t doomed. I’m sure about that.

Be individual! Find something that you have passion for and use that positive energy that you receive from that and help the world. Nothing is too small. That’s what I learned today. Nothing that you or I do will ever be too small of a change because at least one person is going to appreciate what you did.



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