My Natural Hair Journey

I want some of my posts to be delineating my natural hair journey to all of you lovely readers. Currently I am transitioning from relaxed to natural hair. I’ve been relaxing my hair since I was in 3rd grade, so that’s around age 7. A relaxer, is what black girls (or people with extremely curly or coily hair) use to make it straight. It’s this white goop that would get smeared on my head and scalp. The problem with this is that, if I were to scratch or itch my head the night or two nights before and give myself a little cut, the relaxer would burn and scar my scalp! This was so incredibly painful I can’t even express it. I’d have to sit there and try to tough out the pain as long as I could because if not, I guess I had this fear the relaxer wouldn’t work and it would be all for not? I don’t know. I was a paranoid kid. I would have to get a relaxer every 4-6 weeks because my natural hair would start to grow in, so i had to get all of that natural hair touched up and silky straight like the rest of my head

When I would relax my hair it would be nice and silky straight for like a day. Then my poor ends would get dry and would start to break off. I used to shed like a banshee. I didn’t like the way my hair would make me feel. Not having naturally straight hair was a drag because I couldn’t have pretty long hair like all of my friends. But now this mindset has changed!

When I started to “go natural” or stop relaxing my hair I had to learn to love my curly hair. Pinterest helped a lot, because I would look at these cool curly natural girls for hours. And these people didn’t have their natural hair all their life, it was after they went through their own natural hair journey that they were able to get their cute afros and braids and dreadlocks. Here is a link to my Hair Board on Pinterest so you can see where I get all my inspiration from.

As I started to find all of this inspiration, I did learn to take this with a grain of salt. I was never going to be the girls in those pictures, simply because I wasn’t the girls in those pictures. I was me, and I was still learning. I went to Youtube and started watching tons and tons of videos on how to properly take care of my hair. I watched videos on how to moisturize my hair properly, how to wash it properly, what a deep condition is, how to deep condition, what a bantu knot out it, how to bantu knot etc etc. 

The hype of Youtube and my eagerness almost pushed me to the point of being a big product junkie. I can’t afford to buy all of these things that one person claims will make my hair soft and easy to detangle and manage because, well, ya girls on a budget. I learned that at each stage of my transition to natural hair, I will need different kinds of products. I also learned that my hair is going to be different from someone else’s hair. I had to create my own hair care regimen and I had to learn, well my hair. Its kinds of coils and curl pattern, what products it likes and what it doesn’t like, how often I should shampoo it, how often I should shampoo it when the air is dry and cold, there are just always so many things to take into consideration, but I am starting to get it down to a science. 

Currently, this is my Eighth Month in my Natural Hair Journey! Yay! There were some low points and I cannot stress that enough. The only perk I found in my relaxed hair was that it wasn’t knotted and tangled all the time. Now?? Oh baby. My coils and curls like to just cling to each other for dear life leaving me detangling for what feels like ever. I am starting to notice a lot of change now. For one, my hair is so thick that I am loosing bobby pins in there. True story: I was shampooing my hair, and two bobby pins were finally freed from my hairs wrath. I didn’t even know those poor things were still in there! My Natural Hair Journey is still in session so I want to share with my readers about all the cool things I learn when it comes to hair care and loving yourself no matter what kind of curls you have! 


Here’s a picture of me in a slightly worn out Bantu Knot Out. Yay Natural Hair!


3 thoughts on “My Natural Hair Journey

  1. Good story! I forwent the transition and cut it all off to cut out the relaxer after growing it for 4 years! I will never do relaxers again…but I will eventually go back to the old fashioned hot comb press n curl! I linked your Pinterest on my FB Profile…awesome!

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