From Red to Redemption: Hair Care Stories put out a snippy story about Ariana Grande’s hair always being in the same half-up, half-down style.
Now, Ariana played Cat on that Nick show Victorious and her character was famous for having bright, fire hydrant red hair. When I was younger and saw the show I always wondered how she got her hair so red without it all falling out. My hair insecurities flared as I saw this pretty little girl dye her hair bright red with no visible consequences.The ageless question I had on Ariana’s perfect hair was answered in Ariana’s mini Facebook rant.


I have to admit, ever since Ariana Grande sang Tattooed Heart at the AMAs I’ve been in love with her. Judge me alright, I have the music taste of a 15 year old, but you have to admit,the girl can sing.

Being someone who is currently going through her own hair care journey it’s eye opening to see how people can be so blinded and hateful towards how other people are carrying themselves. Nora Crotty obviously had no idea about Ariana’s current hair situation which is why she took it upon herself to slam the pop star’s signature look. Ariana handles her haters with grace though. When I get snippy comments about my deflated fro or why my hair “looks like that” it hurts but I’m learning to just walk away. I’m not in the spotlight like Ariana is but the same lesson does apply: Don’t let the haters stop you from doing your thing.



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