Tomorrow is FRIDAY and I could not be happier to finally get a break. I have been sick and exhausted but just knowing that it is the end of the week is getting me though this last day. Have you ever been just so happy about the weekend coming that you just want to sing about it? That’s me right now. I don’t even have anything extraordinary planned for this weekend, all I know is that it is here and that I am blessed and grateful.

An update on my doctors appointment: I am going to live. I got my prescription and now I’m just going to bang this cough out. I will not let my cold dominate my life and mood anymore, I am taking it all back.

I have very subtle plans for the weekend. I want to get a lot of reading done and deep condition my poor, dry hair. I’m going to see my lovely friends, who have just been awesome to me these past couple weeks and I could not be happier with them. 

I am going home next week! Spring Break came at the most perfect time. Spring Break will be a good recharge of the body battery so that when I get back to school I will most definitely be in top shape. 

The end of the month is upon us which means another Resolution Check-In post is on its way, so look out for that if you are an avid reader, or if you are new.

The week is getting wrapped up, the month is getting wrapped up. Everything is falling into place, and I just cannot wait for a break.



How To Survive Being Sick at School


Since I am at my home away from home I don’t have the luxury of my queen sized bed and my mommy to rub my head and make me tea as I cough the night away. I have a doctors appointment tomorrow but I have had my fair share of illnesses away at school that I think I can give you some nuggets of knowledge. Consider it a gift from me to you.

Here is my survival guide to being sick away at school!

Go to a doctor


If this is a serious illness, get yourself checked out. Don’t be like me, I beg you. I avoid the doctors at all cost because I don’t like them but you really need to go. You don’t want to get your friends sick and you don’t want to get worse either. Man (or lady) up! Make that appointment

Don’t be Gross. Stay Clean! 


Dorm rooms are not super big so they basically turn into a petrie dish. As the room turns into a haunting museum of all of your tissues and germs, grab a Clorox wipe and rub down your desk, night stand, and door handles. This should go without being said, but shower and brush and just keep yourself in tip top shape. You’ll feel better after a shower anyway! Go freshen up.

Get Some Rest


You need to hit the brakes a little. I know college is just running around and going 100 mph but make some time to rest. Your body needs it now more than ever so it can reconstruct all of your cells and stuff so you’re healthy.

Retail Therapy 


So you’re home sick and all of your friends are out having an awesome time without you as you are surrounded by tissues and headaches and pain blah. Online shop. You’re miserable and you deserve it. Only one thing though. If you suffer from an online shopping addiction…then check out these tips.



Catch up on all of your shows! Sure you’ll be catching up with all of your work in a couple days but right now this is “you time” and YOU want to watch New Girl Season 1 from start to finish.

There are plenty other things you can do but currently this is what I am doing. In this illness infested season that is winter, it is important to stay healthy and safe. Be well everyone! 


Procrastination Station

Procrastination has been the theme of this week, and this week hardly started. I am currently sick and in a ton of pain so my motivation to do pretty much anything is at a low. I’ve got so many things do on the same day. It’s as if all of my professors met up and discussed how to ruin my life. Instead of doing all of the work that’s due tomorrow I’m wrapped in bed and I am cranky and frustrated as all heck. Every little thing is bothering me, and the work that’s sitting next me is not going to miraculously get done unless I just get up and do it. 

I’m going to WebMD why I feel so bad. I have wicked chest pains from coughing, so WebMD is probably going to tell me I’m DYING but it’s worth a shot. I have had some killer coughing illnesses before, from bruised ribs from coughing to bronchitis, so I’m used to getting chest pains from a bad cough. Right now I have sharp pains going from my back to my chest every time I cough, breathe in, move the right side of my body…so that can’t be good. The last place I want to be is University Health Services, but that’s going to be my Thursday morning, which is great.

Alright, so I just read WebMD, and they graciously hinted at an infection or heart attack/death but I am going to remain optimistic and say that it’s muscle pains. There is nothing I hate more than being sick. This is a true statement, like I am cranky and miserable because I hate not being able to take care of myself. If i get sick to a point where I need to rely on others I’m just a mess. I cry like a baby. The only person I allow to baby me while sick is my mom, and she’s all the way in NY right now (and I don’t think she knows I’m sick oh good grief).

There are going to be times during the semester (and life, if you wanna get deep with this final paragraph) where things just don’t seem to be going your way, even though you had this awesome, optimistic attitude when you first started out.  Work piles up, time management flops, you get sick, life happens man. I’m going to stare at my work for another hour maybe, kick myself for not starting it sooner, and then bang it out, because, hey, that’s all I can do. 


Redefine The Possibilities: THON 2014

I go to Penn State University and we are home to the largest, student run, philanthropic event in the world. You read that right…the world. The Penn State IFC/Panhellenic Dance Marathon, otherwise known as THON raises money for research and a whole bunch of other things at Hershey Medical center and the Four Diamonds Fund in support for finding a cure for Pediatric Cancer.

The dance marathon is a 46 hour, no sitting dance marathon. So you go and you don’t sit ever you just dance as we fight for a cure. My friends and I did not go for the whole time, but we stayed there for 26 hours. Imagine being on your feet for that long. I can’t even imagine it and I did it. So imagine being on your feet for 46 hours. That’s what 700 + dancers did this weekend on the floor of the Bryce Jordan Center. 

The experience was pretty crazy. The whole atmosphere is exciting, loud, overwhelming, and a little sweaty. But over all of that, the whole energy is positive. People are jumping up and down, singing, dancing, and encouraging everyone to just fight a little longer,  stay a little longer, and dance a little longer. 

I remember wanting to give up and go home because my body was just so exhausted, my head felt like it was going to fall off my shoulders, and I just wanted to sit down. I even told my friend….I’m leaving. But then I just stayed. I had to. I wanted to see this experience to the end. I love all of my friends who were there with me, because I truly could not of done it without them.

If you’re part of an organization, then you could have a THON child, which is a child part of Four Diamonds Fund and Hershey Medical Center, who has been affected by cancer, either in the past or currently, and you ‘adopt’ them into your organization’s family. So there were kids all over the BJC, how adorable is that. To give those kids just one weekend where they can run around and play and forget how horrible cancer is just for a second. That’s incredible. We honored the kids who fought cancer and won, who are currently fighting cancer, and those who couldn’t be with us anymore. That part broke my heart, that this disease can rob us of children and just of people in general.

THON 2014 was a weekend I wont forget. My feet right now still hurt. My back is so sore. All I want to do is sleep. But it was worth it. Penn State will stop at nothing to find a cure, and during THON weekend, we dance. For The Kids.

ImagePut your diamonds in the air! 


ImageOver 16,000 people at THON 2014


ImageWe raised $13.3 million dollars. Incredible. 

Favorite Things!

One of my favorite things to do here is to make lists (You can check out the categories section on the side bar and see some of my Love Lists!). I don’t know why, it may be the Buzzfeed fad or whatever. I didn’t post anything today because I’ve been running around and doing crazy things because this is my crazy week, so I’ll post a favorites list of all the new things I tried and really like using because why not.

So with out further ado, here is a list of my favorite things for right now!

Covergirl Smoochies !



Tinted lip balm is the most ingenious thing that I have ever discovered walking down the aisles of CVS. I’m always too afraid to be bold with lipstick. I feel like lipstick is a serious life choice that I am just not ready to commit to, but tinted lip balm is like the gate way to that magical world of lipstick. I got the Covergirl Smoochies and it stays on, which is pretty neat. These come in all different shades. To play it safe I got the purple one, which is #LUV U, but I want to try the red ones out and see what these are all about. 

Neutrogena Deep Clean Cleanser/Mask


Hayden Panettiere was right when she said Neutrogena was the best thing in the entire universe.  I had terrible acne growing up so I know the stress of trying out every single face product in a drug store and going through prescription after prescription to get something that would finally clear my face up. As I got older the acne got less and less, but there was always one or two blemishes that would always find its way to the surface. I started using this mask last semester and it cleared my face right up. My skin got so smooth, all of the past acne marks started to fade away, and I’ve been using less foundation. This can be used as just a normal face wash, or you can keep it on as a mask for about 3 minutes, which makes your skin feel amazing. Definitely one of the greatest things on the planet.

February issue of Cosmopolitan 



My aunt got me a Cosmo subscription so now I get it mailed to my dorm room, which is just a blessing. Not only is Ariana Grande beautiful, but I really did enjoy reading the magazine! Cosmo is a classic among my demographic and now I know what to do with my make up if I’m going for a job interview. The dream is to get an internship at a magazine this summer, but it’s really hard to break into that business (if you’re a magazine editor/writer reading this, I am not opposed to further contact). 

Raglan Tees!


These shirts are the best. If I want to dress up and look like a real person, but I’m too tired and lazy and just want a little wiggle room, I can just put on a raglan tee! I have one from Charlotte Russe in this beautiful burgundy color, which seems to be the wave this season, and I can’t stop wearing it, I just love it. It’s really easy to dress up, and if by 5pm I decide I’m done looking pretty, I can still keep the shirt on because it’s so roomy and lovely.


Well this is my list so far, in the future I’ll do more because I liked going through all of the cool stuff I was using. Enjoy! 

Just Read: Season of Migration to the North

Season of Migration to the North by Tayeb Salih was not what I expected it to be at all. I did have high expectations for the story because people who I talked to who are well endowed (or just well enough) in postcolonialism recommended the novel on the top of their lists, but I didn’t exactly know what the story was going to entail. 

 I did like Season of Migration to the North. I loved it because it challenged me a lot, but I was still able to keep up with it. I didn’t just give up because the story got hard to follow, which it does. The use of narration by Salih is so complex and layered that I found myself reading the story and then having to back track to see who was speaking.

Keeping with the theme of postcoloniality, this book is so clever in how it channels colonialism. The use of, or I guess, critique of colonialism in the novel is found in the character, Mustafa Sa’eed. His character is seen conquering women who he forms relationships with, who then in term, commit suicide after the courtship.  The tragedies that were Jean Morris and Hosna Bint Mahmoud were the exceptions, because Mustafa Sa’eed, could never truly conquer them. Jean Morris tortured Mustafa, turning him weak and helpless. Their abuse is descriptive in the novel and disturbing, but in the end, her murder is what finally, but never truly, releases him for their bond together. Rebelion against the dominant, turned the dominant power, which is what Mustafa was a symbol of, power, into the conquerable. So he killed her, to try and rid himself of that. All the other women, in their deaths, died, still being submissive under his lure, regardless if the relationship ended or not.

Hosna Bint Mahmoud, was a special case, because she was his widow. Now the dominant power is gone, but yet he still had a clasp around her neck. She refused remarriage. She threatened murder. And in the end, not only took her own life, but her new husband’s life in a vicious attack.

The unnamed narrator (interesting his lack of name) is returning home to his tribe in Africa after studying in Europe for a couple of years. My absolute favorite passage of this book, is actually in the very beginning. After this I was hooked. The village welcomes the narrator with open arms, and starts questioning the people over in Europe, saying things like they were glad he didn’t bring home an uncircumcised woman, or floosy. They bring up harsh stereotypes about women and men living in Europe. This is what the narrator thinks of those living in Europe.

“‘Yes, there are some farmers among them. They’ve got everything– workers and doctors and farmers and teachers, just like us.’ I preferred not to say the rest that had come to my mind: that just like us they are born and die, and in the journey from the cradle to the grave they dream dreams some of which come true and some of which are frustrated; that they fear the unknown, search for love and seek contentment in wife and child; that some are strong and some are weak; that some have been given more than they deserve by life, while others have been deprived by it, but that the differences are narrowing and most of the weak are no longer weak.”

That passage made me put the book down for a brief second. Didn’t you stop and pause everything you were doing after reading that passage? This general statement about the life of people who we crush with prejudices and stereotypes are just trying to get by and survive and live, just like we are. Whether they are here at home or on the other side of the world. 

Season of Migration to the North is definitely a good read. The ending in particular struck me. That might just be because, it was the most connected I have ever felt to a story, because that is what I am going through right at the moment. I won’t give away the end, but if you read the novel, or have read it, the very last chapter, resonates with you. Imagine finally deciding to take your life back, and it all just being washed away. 


Midterm Week Survival Guide

I am almost smack dab in the middle of my midterm week. A time of stress, cramming, and a whole lot of eating, I am here to give you some tips on how to survive midterm week. Midterm week can go by smoothly if handled properly and managed well, but the minute it starts to get overwhelming, it can all come crashing down. Never fear, I’ve mastered midterm week to a science, here’s what you’ll need to do

Make a List


List tend to overwhelm people, but it’s all in your head! Write down a neat list of everything you need to do for the week. What needs to be handed in, what needs to get done, what tests needs to be taken. Once you see everything written down in front of you, hey, it might not be as bad as you think! However, if it’s worse than imagined, just breathe. There is no greater relief than crossing things off of your To Do lists, so hop to it.

Start Tackling Your List


This is a serious statement. Making the list is only half the battle, now get to it. Those flash cards aren’t going to make themselves. That textbook isn’t going to magically open. Make the effort, start on that list.

Take a Break!


Got one item crossed off that list? Wonderful! You definitely deserve that milkshake you were daydreaming about. So go get it! Locking yourself inside the walls of your dreary dorm room all week will drive you insane, and it would be devastating if you crashed right before that science midterm you have that you studied so hard for.



This is kind of serious. Too many people are dangerous with their eating habits. Make sure you’re getting the proper nutrition you need, which means at least two meals a day. Definitely eat before an exam and stay hydrated. Midterm week is not worth your health. Take care of yourself.

Get Back To Work


So you’ve had your break, now it’s time to hop back to the studying. Cross some more things off that To Do list, champ.



If you’re a zombie, you won’t do as well on that test if you were to get your beauty sleep. Try to avoid all nighters. It can be done I promise. I hate pulling all nighters. That’s why I work to plan my day accordingly so that I don’t have to. I know I won’t perform the best that I can the next day and the work that I’m doing at 4am won’t be quality work. Get some shut eye girl.



You’ve studied hard. You’ve done all you can do, or you’ve done the bare minimum of what you had to do. It’s just you and the scantron now baby. Go get ’em.



You survived! Just as I suspected too! You survived midterm week now go celebrate! Whether that be with your friends or curled up in bed for a 5 hour nap, either way you deserve it.

Hair Care Stories: I’ll Just Wear a Hat

Sometimes, life happens.

I’m just two busy

The air is just too cold

Test, Projects, and Papers

And don’t forget, meetings and office hours are all thrown in there too

I have to go to the gym, print articles, read novels

I have to do real life things, like laundry, clean my room, and shower

I would love to take 5 hours and just deep condition my hair and forget the world

But tomorrow, I think I’ll just wear a hat.

How To Curb an Online Shopping Addiction


College has doomed me with debt until the day I die, but last year I dug myself an even bigger hole because of my online shopping addiction. This is a real disease. I had it. I am a survivor. Remember Spiderman? Uncle Ben said, “With great power comes great responsibility.” That needs to be printed on every single credit or debit card anyone ever owns. I burned through so much money my first semester at school it was embarrassing. I have sweaters and clothes that just mock me and my past poor decisions. There was nothing more dangerous than that newsletter I got from every single clothing store I ever shopped at, that would say SALE. And then after I clicked and surfed to my hearts content, I pressed submit and then my heart would sink. I would see the total price and want to kick myself for falling for the trap.

Now that I am a reformed shopaholic. I am going to share some tips on how to get over an Online Shopping addiction.



You can’t type away on your keyboard or reach for your debit card if your hands and fingers are full of food! You don’t need those jeans that you’ve been staring at for over an hour, you need that steamy Papa Johns pizza, and you need to hold it with two hands.

Do Your Homework


You aren’t fooling me. Online Shopping is a distraction, much like Facebook and Twitter. It’s something you know you shouldn’t be doing, but you want to do it anyway. Ex-out of that eBay tab girl and open that blank word document. Your GPA will thank you.



Pinterest to me is the best social media platform in the universe. I can look at all of these beautiful things that I want so dearly, but instead of buying it, I just pin it to my boards. If you really want something from your Pinterest board, email your mom the link to your clothing board on Pinterest, with the subject, Christmas List. You’ll thank me later. 

Other Social Media Platforms 


Facebook and Twitter are wonderful distractions. Use them when a shopping craving comes. You want to buy a new purse? Stalk your friends instead! See what they’re doing, or just see how fat everyone’s getting. Regardless, you won’t need your debit card to do it.

Work Out!


It sounded good didn’t it…

Go Out With Your Friends


Form a pact. Keep your friends on your back so you stick to your budget. If you’re grabbing frozen yogurt with your girls, you’re not shopping online, and that’s the goal.



Don’t get too excited. If you deprive yourself of shopping cold turkey, you’ll drive yourself crazy, and then spend 4 hours on Forever 21’s online site with almost $70 worth of merchandise in your cart. If you desperately need to get a dress for a certain occasion and you haven’t leisurely bought something in a month, buy it. You deserve it.


I am no expert, and sometimes I do relapse, but these tips worked for me. Remember: nobody’s perfect so it’s okay if you make mistakes. I read that on a fortune cookie.