Hair Care Stories: Winter Woes

Cold, dry air is this girls worst enemy. This winter season is brutal on my newfound curls. I have been focusing on trying to keep it as moisturized as humanly possible because with dry hair….comes breakage. Not only is having to protect my hair from the winter hard, but it’s even harder being in a little college dorm room. Congested as this space is, with all of my hair things, plastic caps, combs and brushes, it must be done. I’ve developed a pretty smooth shampoo/deep condition regimen that my hair seems to do really well with. I have been doing this ever since it got cold, so for a couple months now, and I deep condition once a week. My hair has gotten thicker, longer, and much healthier. Here is my shampoo/deep condition regimen for this winter

Pre Poo – Biotique Bio Bhringraj Oil


A Pre Poo is super important. I like putting oil in my hair before I shampoo to give it just that extra moisture. It also helps so that when I do shampoo, the shampoo doesn’t strip my hair of all the oils in my head and make my hair really dry. The Bhringraj Oil is great if your main concern is hair growth, which is what mine was this winter. I am very generous when putting it on my scalp and I work the oil through my hair to the ends. I leave it in for about an hour, maybe a little more, depending on how much time I have. WARNING: This stuff gets everywhere. Maybe I am just a messy person, but I get it on my face, my desk, my clothes. Don’t let this discourage you, this is just life, just keep a towel handy when applying the oil. It has a nice sweet, skittles like smell too which i really like.

Shampoo: Nature’s Gate Shampoo with Henna



I have had, the hardest time finding a nice shampoo. I used to use Motions Shampoo as a kid and that was the last good shampoo I used, honest to God. I have the absolute worst luck finding shampoos.  When I would experiment, I just never found a shampoo that cleaned my scalp the way I wanted or didn’t leave my hair matted or with that plastic-like feeling. Nature’s Gate suds my hair up so nicely, and my scalp gets a good clean.

Deep Conditioner: Shea Moisture Deep Treatment Masque 



I read a lot of mixed reviews about this deep conditioner before trying it. Some people said it didn’t work for them as a deep conditioner, some people were saying they used this as a daily moisturizer, but for me personally, it worked very well as a deep conditioner. I used to use an Argon Oil based deep conditioner, but it wasn’t keeping my hair as soft and locking in moisture the way I wanted it to. When I would use this I was VERY generous, which is probably why I finished the whole container in like three uses. It wouldn’t have been affective if I didn’t use it all over my head. I would part my wet hair in half (gently) then separate that half of hair, in more parts and apply the conditioner there. I would do the same to the other half, then work on the sides, and the back, the front, and the ends especially. I’d then get a clip and clip it up, and put on my plastic cap. I would let that sit for at least two hours. The Shea Moisture Deep Treatment leaves my hair feeling soft and easy to manage, so it gets an A+ from me.

After this deep condition madness, I would moisturize my hair normally (I’ll do a separate post on moisturizing and such a little later) then either braid it back or bantu knot it up. My hair has gotten thicker seems to be surviving this bitter winter quite well. Here’s to hoping that my hair stays strong! Winter is almost over!


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