Resolution Check-In

I am going to check in at the beginning of each month to see how I am doing with my New Year’s Resolutions. I wanna see how long I can keep myself on track. 

BLOGGING. Well blogging was a resolution, I wanted to see if I could maintain this website and write everyday, and I have to say Briannah. is my baby. I love writing and blogging. I love having the freedom to write what I want to write. I am still learning how to keep up this blog, and how to style my writing and all that jazz but this is a wonderful learning process. It hasn’t even been a month yet but I can tell this is something I want to see grow. Thank you to all of my lovely followers who are sticking with me and reading everyday!

THE GYM. I am actually doing a lot better with the gym than I thought I would do. I go in the mornings on Tuesday and Thursday, and I go to some extra classes throughout the week. I’m not miserable at the gym either like how I thought I would be, I enjoy the gym. When I go in the morning, I come back to my room, shower, and get ready for the day, I feel awesome and accomplished, like look at all these cool things I did before 10am! I used to love sleeping until noon, but now even on weekends I find myself waking up at like 9am and not being sluggish and tired and miserable. The gym is a good lifestyle change. I hope I can keep this up.

BE MORE INVOLVED. I joined clubs at school good grief. Clubs and organizations at school make me nervous because I become introverted…like a turtle.  I just shove my head into my shell and stay quiet. I’m very social when I know the people I am around but other than that, I get super nervous.  I am slightly more involved than I was last year, but now I joined a club I really like and I am super excited for the first meeting. Sorry for the secrecy. More on this later. 

I didn’t formally write out this long list of resolutions, so these are what I can remember now, but with these Check-ins, I might add more resolutions, but I don’t want to get rid of resolutions. There’s no law that says I can’t think of an awesome New Year’s Resolution in June and can’t pursue it because it isn’t January 1st. So I’ll make my own rules. Resolution Check-ins will be a thing now. It’ll be an awesome way to keep track of how I am doing this year.



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