Now Playing: Sail Out -Jhene Aiko

Last night I had so much work to do it was actually unbelievable. I was exhausted. Have you ever been so exhausted, your bones feel it. It was around 9:30pm when I took all my work and threw it on my bed and flopped into it. I figured that, all of this homework wasn’t going anywhere, so I grabbed some cookies and threw a huge blanket over myself. I needed to just relax. Even if it was only going to be for an hour. I haven’t been on Spotify in the longest time, and I love finding new music on there, so I opened the App. and Bed Peace by Jhene Aiko ft. Childish Gambino came on. I adore Childish Gambino. He is some what of a genius. Because the Internet was one of the most well thought out albums I’ve heard in such a long time. The Script to Because the Internet is also intense and thought provoking. That album was just so multi-dimensional it was mind-blowing. 


Being a huge Gambino fan, I thought to check out Jhene Aiko’s Sail Out. Her EP was released November 2013. It’s only seven songs, but that’s all it really has to be. Jhene Aiko has the voice of an angel. I could listen to her sing me the McDonald’s menu, I wouldn’t care. Her voice makes me want to just close my eyes and breathe. I felt a huge weight lift my shoulders as I listened to her EP. Her voice is therapeutic in a way that only music can be. Her album is honest. I love genuine, intimate albums like this. When artist make music, just for the sake of making music it kind of stinks almost. If an artist has something to say, and puts it in a song, to be vulnerable to the whole entire world, yet they still trust their fans and everyone who listens to accept their mistakes and to accept them, that’s something powerful. I haven’t stopped listening to Comfort Inn Ending (Freestyle). I haven’t heard such a vulnerable song in a long time. When I first heard it on my Spotify, my volume was up louder than normal, and the pain in her voice shook my whole room. I stopped typing out my homework for a split second when I heard her lyrics and her voice. If you don’t listen to any other song on the EP, listen to the Freestyle. It’ll change your life. Honest to God. Okay, I’m just excited, but if you’re looking to break out of your comfort zone, music wise, Jhene Aiko is the artist to listen to. 


To me it’s all good. I don’t believe in setbacks or failures. I think it’s all apart of the journey I’m supposed to be on. -Jhene Aiko


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