“Oxfords? You Mean Like the Comma?”

An impromptu trip to the mall landed me this cute new pair of Oxfords! This year I want to get more adventurous with my style and such. Like a Janelle Monae/Nerdy/Chic kind of thing. Okay I totally made that up but its an idea I’m working on. I’ve been kind of dressing the same since I was 16 and now that I’m almost 20 it is time for a change. I also quite the monochromatic wardrobe. Just blacks, grays, and whites MAYBE some navy if I’m lucky. I opened my closet and thats all I saw! For the spring, I want to have a more vibrant wardrobe. We will see what happens. My newest addition are these cute cutout Oxford flats! I tried them on and they were so light and wonderful. They’re slightly out of my comfort zone. When I see Oxfords I think of, super smart girls with big glasses and just the right amount of class to dominate a room and read a whole novel at the same time. That might not be me per say, but they’re light weight and make me feel awesome. Side note: They were $4.99 at Charlotte Russe! How was I going to pass up a bargain like that?¬†



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