Busy Bee

This past week has been me just running around. I leave my room before 9am and then don’t come back until after 9:30 pm. I’ve never felt more productive in my life though. Yes I come back to my room completely and utterly exhausted, but getting things done makes me feel like a champ. I have this unhealthy obsession with post-it notes and lists, so being able to cross something off of my lists or crumple up a post-it makes me want to twirl and dance in circles.

College is like that though. I wasn’t expecting less of a work load this semester. This is one of my heaviest semesters yet, but I’m excited for the material I will be learning and the things I’ll be doing. A lot of cool stuff is coming up so, busy as I may be I want to make sure I enjoy every second of it.

I normally get very overwhelmed with my school work. I stress a lot. My list fetish runs wild and there are post-it notes of every color all over my desk and laptop. I get headaches, anxious, and nauseous. I forget to do real people things like shower and eat. Anxiety is something that I have to cope with though and learn to control. This semester I have been getting a handle on it. Only today did I physically feel the symptoms of all my work. Fourth week in the semester, not bad. Better than being anxious the first week of class. Even when I started to feel horrendous and overwhelmed, I coped with it well. I just took a deep breathe and took a walk. I did something else besides work for like 20 min and then I just went back to it. And it worked out quite well.

I sleep next to the window. That’s actually where I am right now, wrapped under a blanket and comforter. With the window comes a serious draft and the noise of the bus every 15 minutes, but after almost a semester and a half, I’ve learned to tune it out. I adjust well. I always have, or if something has proved to be too difficult for me to do, I always put in the effort.

Tomorrow is still going to be busy, but I plan on spending tomorrow with great friends, which will make tomorrow the best day of the week.



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