Just Watched- The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

So I finally saw Catching Fire last night, and I have to say, it was 100 times better than Hunger Games. My school shows free movies in a movie theater. And cool movies too. Movies that are about to come out on DVD in like 2 weeks. So when they announced they were going to be showing Catching Fire, I was like perfect. I didn’t see the movie Winter Break when I was home and I regretted it. Now I could see it for free. I don’t like the concept of the Hunger Games. Throwing 24 kids into an arena to kill each other just seems absolutely horrific to me.  I read Hunger Games, and I liked the book and the movie, equally. I didn’t find one better than the other, but I wasn’t raving about either of them. Like I said, the concept was not my cup of tea.


I liked Catching Fire so much better than Hunger Games. Oh my goodness. I have a thing for different worlds and alternate dimensions and things like that. This dystopian society that was on the brink of rebellion was so engaging. Everything was just so on edge. Katniss was trying to take it all back the whole movie to try to protect her family and friends but there is just something about a movement and rebellion against evil that just can’t be stopped. When people are unified and band together to fight injustice, that’s powerful. I had chills.

The part where Katniss’s wedding dress turned into the Mocking Jay! THAT WAS JUST. Brilliant. It was a symbol of unity and rebellion against the Capital. That was a statement. That part caught my breath when it happened. I was astounded. A side note, my heart actually broke when they killed Lenny Kravitz in front of Katniss before the Hunger Games started. THAT was a statement too. The Capital is absolutely evil.

I liked Katniss’s character a lot more in this movie too. She wasn’t the fearless heroine who was going to take down President Snow and then win the Hunger Games again. She was very human. She was afraid. She was trying to do all she could to survive but she made mistakes. She had her skills. She was quick thinking and no matter how hard she tried to distance herself from the rebellion, she was the mocking jay.  

I could’ve done without the love story in Catching Fire though. I don’t find the Gale/Katniss/Peeta love story as genuine as everything else in the movie. That’s just my opinion. At one point, all the smooching during the Games got pretty annoying. I’m not a romance hater or anything like that. I just feel the Love Triangle thing is so over played. I’m looking at you, Twilight. 

I didn’t think I’d like Catching Fire as much as I did, but I am now pumped for Mocking Jay. Cue Mocking Jay Whistle 



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