Gym Madness – Butts and Gutts

The New Year, New Me kick involves me going to the gym! I have been going ever since the beginning of the semester, so it has been a month now. I have to say I am quite proud of myself for not giving up yet. This week is going to be Gym Madness here on the blog. In addition to normal blog posts, I am going to write about the awesome things I do in the gym throughout the week. 

Today, my friends and I went to a class that they offer here at the gym on campus. The class is called Butts and Gutts. Doesn’t that already sound scary. To sum up Butts and Gutts it’s pretty much just a whole lot of crunches and a whole bunch of squats. Squats are first.

Good. God.

We did, regular squats, which is just your legs are shoulder length apart, you stick your butt out and…. squat, making sure your knees don’t go over your toes. That’s what makes it hard. Then we did skinny squats, which is you stand with your legs close together, and the same rules of squatting apply. Plié squats are my favorite. Only because I’m kind of good at them. We would do them in dance all the time because It’s just a plié in second position. So those are the only squats I like. LUNGES. Those work your legs like no other. I have to keep my core tight so that I can keep my balance. That’s the workout. 

CRUNCHES. I like crunches. In dance, we would do 100 crunches a class. I was all YEAHH. The endorphins I get from crunches are just woahhh. I love it. But these are VARIATIONS of crunches. My abs right now are burning. I haven’t actually done crunches in a long time. So my body goes into shock every time I do Butts and Gutts because it’s just ABS and LEGS. 

Arms, Abs, and Butt were the goal of this gym endeavor so Butts and Gutts is the perfect class for what I am trying to work out right now. I truly did underestimate it though. Sometimes I leave class shaking because it’s so hard. But I need to keep going and get keep Butts and Gutts a part of the routine. When the class is over, I feel great. Like I can do anything. Then I start, walking and my legs are screaming, but that’s besides the point. I’m going to keep up with Butts and Gutts. I see a little baby six pack in my future. 



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