Just Watched: Blackfish

I know this is the second Just Watched post in a row….That gives you a hint on what I’ve been doing all weekend…


This is the second time I have seen Blackfish. I saw it once over Winter Break, and I had no idea what I was in for. Blackfish was the hype on Netflix this winter. If you are an avid Tweeter, you would’ve recognized Sea World’s promoted tweets popping up on your newsfeed every once in a while. They would say things like “Don’t believe activist hype” and explain how safe their trainers are and such. PR at work I have to say. Blackfish caused crisis at Sea World as their reputation was bashed by this documentary. The movie came out in 2010, but now that it’s back on Netflix, these old wounds are being reopen. 

I know zoos and institutions like Sea World are horrible when it comes to the treatment of animals. The animals get hurt, and they’re in cages or tanks for their whole life when they’re used to running and swimming in the open. That’s so heartbreaking. That’s like living the rest of my life in my dorm room and never being able to leave. That thought just made me shiver. I already don’t really like my dorm room.

Tilikum was the Killer Whale that they focused on. He is this huge, majestic Killer Whale that got his butt kicked when they bought him to Sea World. Killer Whales normally stay in pods. They stick with their mothers for their whole life and have huge family units. Now that they’re all split up, the Killer Whales assert their dominance over the new whales. Tilikum is new and huge, making it hard for him to get around in the pool and get away from the other whales.

It’s not even that the Killer Whales are vicious, they just shouldn’t be locked away in a tank for the rest of their life. It just makes them frustrated. That poor trainer. Tilikum ripped her apart. I could not imagine getting brutalized by a Killer Whale. These trainers were just normal people too. And the people in charge were just okay with putting them in tanks with 6-12 ton whales.

The whole system is a mess. There is this one part, where the owners of Sea World separated a mother and her calf. The calf was disruptive, so they moved her to a different park. I guess to wreak havoc else where. When they took the calf out the pool, the mother wailed (no pun intended…)  for her calf. The specialist said that, the mother was trying long range calls. That part made me hold my breath. The mother was calling for her calf to come back.

When I was younger we went to Sea World in Florida. I don’t remember how old I was. I must’ve been like 10. I remember walking through a huge tunnel and seeing all of the fish and sharks.  I was horrified and mesmerized all at the same time. All the fish were beautiful and colorful. I was concerned for all of the little fish, because there were sharks in the same tank. And I asked my mom if they were going to eat them. She told me no because the sharks will only eat when they’re hungry, so the workers feed them so they don’t eat all of their neighbor fish. We did go and see the Killer Whale show. We didn’t sit in the splash zone because it was late, and my parents weren’t going to have wet bottoms sitting in the rental car. I thought the show was weird. I liked a lot of other things in Sea World besides the Killer Whale jumping with the people. I was just scared that the people would get hurt! To put myself at ease, I would tell myself that, the Killer Whale is trained, so they wouldn’t be swimming with them, if they were going to get hurt. Makes sense, right? Guess I was wrong.


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