Gym Madness- Cardio

Is the elliptical cardio? For purposes of this post….It will be. There are treadmills in the same room and running is cardio so that’s where I am getting my assumption from. I have a confession to make. I have a crush on the elliptical machine.  The first day I ever used one in the gym, I thought  “This is so awesome. I played with these in the store when they would all be out on display. Piece of cake,” so I went hard on the elliptical. I was pumping and going fast, like I thought I was a pro. Within the first 4 minutes of me using the machine, I thought I was going to die. My whole face was sweaty,  my tummy was sweaty and I’m pretty sure my chest almost concaved inward. I had to stop multiple times to drink some water, and all the other stone-faced runners ignored my episode on the elliptical. I had the worst cardio skills on the planet, which might have attributed to my minor heart attack. I’m not even joking either. If i was just being silly with my friends and we ended up running, God help me. It wouldn’t even be a long distance either. It would be from the street to the doors of my dorm room and I would be seeing spots. 

But that was the first day. Currently, I adore the elliptical. I am in my zone. My breathing has gotten ten hundred times better. I don’t stop so often while I’m on the machine. I mean I still kind of stink. Today wasn’t a winning day at the gym. I worked myself hard. The elliptical is definitely my favorite though, hands down. I want to improve my cardio a lot by summertime. I just want to be able to run longer than 20 seconds before I start gasping for air, that’s all. 

Normally on Tuesdays, I go to Butts and Gutts in the afternoon. I’m not going today however because from my abs down feels like it has been sawed off. Normally I would just push through it and take it like a (wo)man, but I’m taking a little break. I need to rest. My body has worked hard, so it deserves it.



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