Gym Madness- Pilates

This is the second gym class of the week. Pilates. When I was younger, I thought Pilates was just a fancy way to pronounce “plate,” but I kind of kept that to myself. I still don’t really know what Pilates is. I know it’s like yoga but slightly more intense. I might be making this up. Pilates is so so hard. My friend told me this was supposed to be relaxing. I was no where near relaxed. Afterwards, I guess I kind of felt okay. 

The fact that I am not relaxed is very obvious while I’m doing Pilates. We have to do this lateral breathing thing, and in the beginning I was able to do it, but when it came to applying the breathing to the actual workout…what a mess. I have this tendency to not breathe properly while exercising, so next class that will be what I work on. I’m hoping tomorrow I feel wonderful and stretched out. Right now the whole bottom half of my body is on this new level of sore. I am also catching a cold. No stoping me now though. I’m going to keep moving forward.



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