Just Watched: Pretty Little Liars: Noir Episode

“Down these mean streets a man must go, who is not himself mean”

The Pretty Little Liars Noir episode was so well executed, it exceeded my expectations. I have been an avid PLL watcher for longer than I want to admit. During the summer my friends come over and we chat and scream as we watch the episode. You don’t understand, when they said Ezra was not Malcolm’s, my whole house was in an uproar.  But the Noir episode was divine. It’s vintage, from the costumes to the writing to the lighting and the scene direction. Coffee is 15 cents in this episode, times have changed.


This semester has been so busy that its been hard to find time to watch, but thank goodness I caught this episode.

Here are some things I loved about the Pretty Little Liars Noir Episode

Toby the Detective


His character was so feisty! He was like the omnipresent detective, trying to discover is Alison is actually alive. His writing was fantastic. “You’re spread so thin I could see right through you.” That’s perfect. He was always lurking and watching, ready to catch Spencer in the act. When Spencer was on her Adderall high, boom Toby was there, interrogating her. When Ezra was about to snatch them up, Toby got Aria to think he was Ezra and saved the day. Toby also looks pretty great in black and white.

Hanna’s Sass


Hannah was hysterical in this episode. Every time she scoffed “Men” I laughed out loud. She was her sassy self times 100. Her “man-hating” personality kept me going the whole episode. “The more I see of men, the more I want to get a dog. Too bad there isn’t another alternative.” Oh so sassy Hannah.

Aria’s Whole Look


Aria looked so lovely and vintage in black and white. Her hair was great, I’m pretty sure I have her earrings, I loved her dress, and her hair completed the look. She looked the closest to a noir old school character to me.It’s so sad Ezra is A. Aria and Ezra’s relationship has always been my favorite. I was rooting for them! 



I just like Emily. I really do. Even though she always ends up wandering into the woods and getting her self locked in a box, she’s my favorite because I’d probably be making the same mistakes if I was stranded in Rosewood. She wasn’t super major in this episode, but I thought she looked great, so she gets a shoutout on my love list.

Alison Comes Back


Alison was RUDE when she got on camera. They kept her in the backlight for a good 30 seconds before she came on screen with dramatic music. She was honestly such a rude and awful friend. When Spencer has her little Adderall meltdown, and she was talking to the painting, Alison’s motif about immortality was highlighted to the fullest, reflecting on how it’s nice to disappear. “You’ll always be the girl in the painting. That’s immortality my darling.”

I don’t know how much longer I can stay invested in Pretty Little Liars, something needs to go down soon, but God I love this show. 



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