How To Curb an Online Shopping Addiction


College has doomed me with debt until the day I die, but last year I dug myself an even bigger hole because of my online shopping addiction. This is a real disease. I had it. I am a survivor. Remember Spiderman? Uncle Ben said, “With great power comes great responsibility.” That needs to be printed on every single credit or debit card anyone ever owns. I burned through so much money my first semester at school it was embarrassing. I have sweaters and clothes that just mock me and my past poor decisions. There was nothing more dangerous than that newsletter I got from every single clothing store I ever shopped at, that would say SALE. And then after I clicked and surfed to my hearts content, I pressed submit and then my heart would sink. I would see the total price and want to kick myself for falling for the trap.

Now that I am a reformed shopaholic. I am going to share some tips on how to get over an Online Shopping addiction.



You can’t type away on your keyboard or reach for your debit card if your hands and fingers are full of food! You don’t need those jeans that you’ve been staring at for over an hour, you need that steamy Papa Johns pizza, and you need to hold it with two hands.

Do Your Homework


You aren’t fooling me. Online Shopping is a distraction, much like Facebook and Twitter. It’s something you know you shouldn’t be doing, but you want to do it anyway. Ex-out of that eBay tab girl and open that blank word document. Your GPA will thank you.



Pinterest to me is the best social media platform in the universe. I can look at all of these beautiful things that I want so dearly, but instead of buying it, I just pin it to my boards. If you really want something from your Pinterest board, email your mom the link to your clothing board on Pinterest, with the subject, Christmas List. You’ll thank me later. 

Other Social Media Platforms 


Facebook and Twitter are wonderful distractions. Use them when a shopping craving comes. You want to buy a new purse? Stalk your friends instead! See what they’re doing, or just see how fat everyone’s getting. Regardless, you won’t need your debit card to do it.

Work Out!


It sounded good didn’t it…

Go Out With Your Friends


Form a pact. Keep your friends on your back so you stick to your budget. If you’re grabbing frozen yogurt with your girls, you’re not shopping online, and that’s the goal.



Don’t get too excited. If you deprive yourself of shopping cold turkey, you’ll drive yourself crazy, and then spend 4 hours on Forever 21’s online site with almost $70 worth of merchandise in your cart. If you desperately need to get a dress for a certain occasion and you haven’t leisurely bought something in a month, buy it. You deserve it.


I am no expert, and sometimes I do relapse, but these tips worked for me. Remember: nobody’s perfect so it’s okay if you make mistakes. I read that on a fortune cookie.



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