Why You Shouldn’t Hate Valentine’s Day

As this beautiful holiday came and went, like how it does every year, the love/hate of Valentine’s day ensues. I love hearing things like

“Valentine’s Day is just a Hallmark holiday. What a sham.”

“God I hate Valentine’s Day. I never have a Valentine.”

Don’t be so defeated! I mean since elementary school, VDay has been the second biggest candy holiday, after Halloween. I got cute cards with Spongebob on it and enough lollipops to send me straight to the dentist. When I was 7 that was the best thing in the world.

Even when I got older, and my classmates stopped being forced against their will to give me little cards, my parents always got me heart-shaped candy and took us all out to dinner. Like a family date. We did this even when some of us were dating or if we were heartbroken and single that Valentine’s day, because that’s what family is for.

There should never be a holiday designated to throwing yourself a pity party. Even if you aren’t spending it with that special someone doesn’t it make you smile, just a little, knowing that someone, somewhere, is?

A valentine doesn’t have to be your boyfriend or girlfriend. Did you have a girls night? They’re your valentines! Did you call your mom and see how she was doing? Wish her a solid Happy Valentine’s Day because she will always love you! Your dad is your valentine! The only man who will always be there no matter what, of course he is your valentine.

Don’t scoff at people who wear pink pants and red shirts just because it’s February 14th. Don’t blast breakup songs and angry rap music just because other people are happy. Make your own happiness! Love yourself!

A holiday that celebrates just flat out loving the people around you is the most beautiful thing there is. Happy Valentine’s Day!



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