Midterm Week Survival Guide

I am almost smack dab in the middle of my midterm week. A time of stress, cramming, and a whole lot of eating, I am here to give you some tips on how to survive midterm week. Midterm week can go by smoothly if handled properly and managed well, but the minute it starts to get overwhelming, it can all come crashing down. Never fear, I’ve mastered midterm week to a science, here’s what you’ll need to do

Make a List


List tend to overwhelm people, but it’s all in your head! Write down a neat list of everything you need to do for the week. What needs to be handed in, what needs to get done, what tests needs to be taken. Once you see everything written down in front of you, hey, it might not be as bad as you think! However, if it’s worse than imagined, just breathe. There is no greater relief than crossing things off of your To Do lists, so hop to it.

Start Tackling Your List


This is a serious statement. Making the list is only half the battle, now get to it. Those flash cards aren’t going to make themselves. That textbook isn’t going to magically open. Make the effort, start on that list.

Take a Break!


Got one item crossed off that list? Wonderful! You definitely deserve that milkshake you were daydreaming about. So go get it! Locking yourself inside the walls of your dreary dorm room all week will drive you insane, and it would be devastating if you crashed right before that science midterm you have that you studied so hard for.



This is kind of serious. Too many people are dangerous with their eating habits. Make sure you’re getting the proper nutrition you need, which means at least two meals a day. Definitely eat before an exam and stay hydrated. Midterm week is not worth your health. Take care of yourself.

Get Back To Work


So you’ve had your break, now it’s time to hop back to the studying. Cross some more things off that To Do list, champ.



If you’re a zombie, you won’t do as well on that test if you were to get your beauty sleep. Try to avoid all nighters. It can be done I promise. I hate pulling all nighters. That’s why I work to plan my day accordingly so that I don’t have to. I know I won’t perform the best that I can the next day and the work that I’m doing at 4am won’t be quality work. Get some shut eye girl.



You’ve studied hard. You’ve done all you can do, or you’ve done the bare minimum of what you had to do. It’s just you and the scantron now baby. Go get ’em.



You survived! Just as I suspected too! You survived midterm week now go celebrate! Whether that be with your friends or curled up in bed for a 5 hour nap, either way you deserve it.


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