Favorite Things!

One of my favorite things to do here is to make lists (You can check out the categories section on the side bar and see some of my Love Lists!). I don’t know why, it may be the Buzzfeed fad or whatever. I didn’t post anything today because I’ve been running around and doing crazy things because this is my crazy week, so I’ll post a favorites list of all the new things I tried and really like using because why not.

So with out further ado, here is a list of my favorite things for right now!

Covergirl Smoochies !



Tinted lip balm is the most ingenious thing that I have ever discovered walking down the aisles of CVS. I’m always too afraid to be bold with lipstick. I feel like lipstick is a serious life choice that I am just not ready to commit to, but tinted lip balm is like the gate way to that magical world of lipstick. I got the Covergirl Smoochies and it stays on, which is pretty neat. These come in all different shades. To play it safe I got the purple one, which is #LUV U, but I want to try the red ones out and see what these are all about. 

Neutrogena Deep Clean Cleanser/Mask


Hayden Panettiere was right when she said Neutrogena was the best thing in the entire universe.  I had terrible acne growing up so I know the stress of trying out every single face product in a drug store and going through prescription after prescription to get something that would finally clear my face up. As I got older the acne got less and less, but there was always one or two blemishes that would always find its way to the surface. I started using this mask last semester and it cleared my face right up. My skin got so smooth, all of the past acne marks started to fade away, and I’ve been using less foundation. This can be used as just a normal face wash, or you can keep it on as a mask for about 3 minutes, which makes your skin feel amazing. Definitely one of the greatest things on the planet.

February issue of Cosmopolitan 



My aunt got me a Cosmo subscription so now I get it mailed to my dorm room, which is just a blessing. Not only is Ariana Grande beautiful, but I really did enjoy reading the magazine! Cosmo is a classic among my demographic and now I know what to do with my make up if I’m going for a job interview. The dream is to get an internship at a magazine this summer, but it’s really hard to break into that business (if you’re a magazine editor/writer reading this, I am not opposed to further contact). 

Raglan Tees!


These shirts are the best. If I want to dress up and look like a real person, but I’m too tired and lazy and just want a little wiggle room, I can just put on a raglan tee! I have one from Charlotte Russe in this beautiful burgundy color, which seems to be the wave this season, and I can’t stop wearing it, I just love it. It’s really easy to dress up, and if by 5pm I decide I’m done looking pretty, I can still keep the shirt on because it’s so roomy and lovely.


Well this is my list so far, in the future I’ll do more because I liked going through all of the cool stuff I was using. Enjoy! 


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