Procrastination Station

Procrastination has been the theme of this week, and this week hardly started. I am currently sick and in a ton of pain so my motivation to do pretty much anything is at a low. I’ve got so many things do on the same day. It’s as if all of my professors met up and discussed how to ruin my life. Instead of doing all of the work that’s due tomorrow I’m wrapped in bed and I am cranky and frustrated as all heck. Every little thing is bothering me, and the work that’s sitting next me is not going to miraculously get done unless I just get up and do it. 

I’m going to WebMD why I feel so bad. I have wicked chest pains from coughing, so WebMD is probably going to tell me I’m DYING but it’s worth a shot. I have had some killer coughing illnesses before, from bruised ribs from coughing to bronchitis, so I’m used to getting chest pains from a bad cough. Right now I have sharp pains going from my back to my chest every time I cough, breathe in, move the right side of my body…so that can’t be good. The last place I want to be is University Health Services, but that’s going to be my Thursday morning, which is great.

Alright, so I just read WebMD, and they graciously hinted at an infection or heart attack/death but I am going to remain optimistic and say that it’s muscle pains. There is nothing I hate more than being sick. This is a true statement, like I am cranky and miserable because I hate not being able to take care of myself. If i get sick to a point where I need to rely on others I’m just a mess. I cry like a baby. The only person I allow to baby me while sick is my mom, and she’s all the way in NY right now (and I don’t think she knows I’m sick oh good grief).

There are going to be times during the semester (and life, if you wanna get deep with this final paragraph) where things just don’t seem to be going your way, even though you had this awesome, optimistic attitude when you first started out.  Work piles up, time management flops, you get sick, life happens man. I’m going to stare at my work for another hour maybe, kick myself for not starting it sooner, and then bang it out, because, hey, that’s all I can do. 



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