How To Survive Being Sick at School


Since I am at my home away from home I don’t have the luxury of my queen sized bed and my mommy to rub my head and make me tea as I cough the night away. I have a doctors appointment tomorrow but I have had my fair share of illnesses away at school that I think I can give you some nuggets of knowledge. Consider it a gift from me to you.

Here is my survival guide to being sick away at school!

Go to a doctor


If this is a serious illness, get yourself checked out. Don’t be like me, I beg you. I avoid the doctors at all cost because I don’t like them but you really need to go. You don’t want to get your friends sick and you don’t want to get worse either. Man (or lady) up! Make that appointment

Don’t be Gross. Stay Clean! 


Dorm rooms are not super big so they basically turn into a petrie dish. As the room turns into a haunting museum of all of your tissues and germs, grab a Clorox wipe and rub down your desk, night stand, and door handles. This should go without being said, but shower and brush and just keep yourself in tip top shape. You’ll feel better after a shower anyway! Go freshen up.

Get Some Rest


You need to hit the brakes a little. I know college is just running around and going 100 mph but make some time to rest. Your body needs it now more than ever so it can reconstruct all of your cells and stuff so you’re healthy.

Retail Therapy 


So you’re home sick and all of your friends are out having an awesome time without you as you are surrounded by tissues and headaches and pain blah. Online shop. You’re miserable and you deserve it. Only one thing though. If you suffer from an online shopping addiction…then check out these tips.



Catch up on all of your shows! Sure you’ll be catching up with all of your work in a couple days but right now this is “you time” and YOU want to watch New Girl Season 1 from start to finish.

There are plenty other things you can do but currently this is what I am doing. In this illness infested season that is winter, it is important to stay healthy and safe. Be well everyone! 



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