Tomorrow is FRIDAY and I could not be happier to finally get a break. I have been sick and exhausted but just knowing that it is the end of the week is getting me though this last day. Have you ever been just so happy about the weekend coming that you just want to sing about it? That’s me right now. I don’t even have anything extraordinary planned for this weekend, all I know is that it is here and that I am blessed and grateful.

An update on my doctors appointment: I am going to live. I got my prescription and now I’m just going to bang this cough out. I will not let my cold dominate my life and mood anymore, I am taking it all back.

I have very subtle plans for the weekend. I want to get a lot of reading done and deep condition my poor, dry hair. I’m going to see my lovely friends, who have just been awesome to me these past couple weeks and I could not be happier with them. 

I am going home next week! Spring Break came at the most perfect time. Spring Break will be a good recharge of the body battery so that when I get back to school I will most definitely be in top shape. 

The end of the month is upon us which means another Resolution Check-In post is on its way, so look out for that if you are an avid reader, or if you are new.

The week is getting wrapped up, the month is getting wrapped up. Everything is falling into place, and I just cannot wait for a break.



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