Gym Madness: Back to the Old Grind

So being sick this week has forced me to not go to the gym for about a week. My body needed the rest. Plus sharp chest pains and excessive exercise might have killed me. But now it’s a new week I’m feeling slightly better so let’s get back at it Briannah.

Gym Time.

When you take a gym break for like a week, your body has gotten slightly lazier. Butts and Gutts was today and it was hard. Butts and Gutts is always hard, but going to the same class for a month-ish, warrants that it’ll get easier. My legs were shaking from when I got in and my abs were screaming at me the whole time. I wanted to go to the treadmill afterwards, but it was closed, and after how I’m feeling now, a slight rest is in order. 

It’s frustrating that now I am a couple steps backwards than I was originally because I was sick, but I won’t let that get me down. I’ll just build everything back up and keep moving forward.

All over the mirrors today in class there were a lot of positive messages written like

Love Your Body

I love how I feel after a class

Success is not measured in inches

And I liked these a lot. Going to the gym sometimes I get frustrated seeing no progress. But then I think about how I love my size and I love my body the way it is. That’s a good mindset to have going to the gym. Yes I want to be stronger and healthier but I love my body because it is mine. I don’t need to go to the gym excessively to change something about myself. Yes, I want to improve myself, but not change it all together. Going to the gym is more than my body changing, it is my lifestyle.



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