Internship Hunt: Not Being Called for the Phone Interview



Not being called for a phone interview, I have to say is equivalent to being stood up for a date. You both felt a spark, you made the plans, you thought it was going so well, you saw potential in them and then bam, no show. I had an interview with X company at Y time today…..and they have not called me… Rough. I feel disappointed and sad and not up to par I guess. But the work does not stop here. Talk about a learning experience.

So here is what not to do when the Interviewer doesn’t call you for your phone interview.


This man/woman is a high ranking person who probably got swamped with work and missed the scheduled meeting time. It’s most likely not because you’re an insufficient candidate, so don’t think that. Shoot them an email and ask about rescheduling. Don’t sound high or mighty or pissed either, they won’t take kindly to that. You are busy and so are they.


No need for water works girl. This is all Real Life, sometimes they just don’t call ya back.


Do not FaceTime your mom in hysterics because the Interviewer is over an hour late. It’s okay. Plus what if you’re in hysterics and they do call? Now you’ll sound a mess. Take some deep breaths. 

Don’t Follow Up

This is very important. You need to follow up with them or they will forget about you. If you have their phone number give them a call, and if you go to voicemail leave them a polite voicemail about rescheduling and then send a follow up email. If you only have an email address, shoot them an email later in the night or the next day to reschedule. Be persistent. 

Leave Your Phone Unattended.

What if they call like an hour or so later? Are you just not going to pick up? No you’re going to answer and be understanding as to why they missed the previously scheduled time, like a lady. So keep your phone handy incase they reach out.


I’ve got nothing else guys. Has this ever happened to you? If it has, you agree, it’s not the end of the world. Now we wait, and study for exams that are coming up, I can’t sit here and dwell on this. 


2 thoughts on “Internship Hunt: Not Being Called for the Phone Interview

  1. Aww 😦 I’m sure they just forgot or something! Definitely follow up and I’m sure they’ll reschedule because you’re AWESOME

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