Now Playing: Paper Hearts – Tori Kelly


I haven’t posted a Now Playing post in such a long time. It’s been busy here. My sister showed me this cute track today, and it’s adorable and makes me want to cry and sing at the same time. I love songs like that.

Paper Hearts is by Tori Kelly who was a contestant on American Idol in I believe season 9, but she didn’t make it very far at all. The power of Youtube however is a wonderful thing, especially for rising singer/songwriters, and here is where Kelly found her outlet. 

I hate the word, indie, So I won’t describe the vibe as such, but its sad and raw and wonderful. I love breakup songs. Isn’t that so weird. I love sad songs because I feel that is when artist are most honest with their fans. If you’re an up and coming artist, playing with the idea of being vulnerable and opening up your emotions through music is a great way to connect personally with fans. Honesty catches me so that is why I am so attracted to this song.

She’s really young, she’s only 21, so if Tori Kelly can work to make a name for herself, well so can I. Talk about inspiration. 

Also, Ian Eastwood is in the video, and if you don’t know him, he is a really talented dancer. He was on America’s Best Dance Crew and his YouTube channel is insane, so definitely check him out.



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