Closet Haul: Spring Trends

In honor of Daylight Savings and my recent trip to Khol’s, I am going to do a Closet Haul post, where I tell you all of the fabulous spring fashion trends that I am excited for! I am by no means a fashion guru, but these are just some things that I love and am excited for in the coming season, so here it is! 

Skater Skirts



I actually have the skirt that’s in the picture from Charlotte Russe. I love these kinds of skirts with the little flare. I love clothes that can be dressed up and dressed down, and a skater skirt can do just that. In my opinion, it does look better dressed up a little, but you don’t have to be super uncomfortable in something tight and nice because this is so roomy and amazing. 

Mint Things



Last year, this color took over the summer, and this year it is back with a vengeance. Whether it is a hint of mint in your accessories, or being bold with the whole color in your whole outfit, you can do no wrong if mint is your go to. Be careful though, make sure your mint is vibrant and bright. There are a lot of dully colored mint things out there and those tend to look kind of sour. 

Coral Things



Coral is a color that is always super popular during the spring time, but last year was hidden in the shadows of Cool Mint. This year, I see this color making a comeback. And I’m not biased, even though I just bought a Coral colored Rosetti bag.

Maxi Skirts



Maxi Skirts are pure genius. I know this trend blew up last year but I just didn’t jump on the bandwagon. I did at the end of the summer and I loved it. Another article of clothing that can be dressed up and still comfortable, the maxi skirt can be worn in every which way and you don’t feel restricted at all. If maxi skirts don’t come back this spring, I don’t care, I’ll still wear them.

Crop Tops



You know a trend is big when you see it even in the winter time. Crop tops can be paired well with everything. For example….a maxi skirt.  It can be scandalous or a very calm and comfortable outfit. Either way crop tops take the gold. I have this one American Apparel black crop top that I love and I can’t find it and I am so sad, so this is an SOS for my crop top everyone, keep your eyes open.

Statement Necklaces



Statement Necklaces are the best. I love big…anything when it comes to accessories. I used to wear huge hoop earrings with every outfit. So an excuse to wear big jewelry gets a big yes from me. These are so fun too! They come in all different shapes, sizes, and material so you can have them for every type of occasion or any type of outfit.

Cooky Sunglasses 



So there has been this pair of Urban Outfitters Heart shaped sunglasses that I have been eyeing all winter. Move Aviators and Ray bans, the world is getting a little crazier. All these fun shaped sunglasses are going to be everywhere this spring and summer, and as a sunglasses enthusiast, I couldn’t be more excited. 


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