Photography, Art, and Learning New Things

I love learning new things, and I feel like I haven’t picked up a new trade in a long time. Now that I’m looking for internships and stuff I don’t want to be shut out of anything fun that I want to learn because I’m to busy being a real human being.

I want to learn how to take pictures. Photography is an art, and I’ve never been the artistic one in the family. But anyone can take a picture! I know there is a lot more to photography than just taking a picture but that’s what I want to learn. I want to learn about the lighting and the angles and all that jazz. Maybe I’ll take a class or something. I have absolutely no idea where I want to start.

I want to take a real picture. Not one on my phone and put it on Facebook or Instagram. I want to take quality photographs. This blogging thing makes me want to go out of my element, and when I post pictures on here in relation to my posts, I want them to be my own pictures. Blogging has already put me out of my element, so why not just keep this trend going?

Art has never been my strongest hobby. I’m not a fantastic artist when it comes to the classics like paint and sketching, but photography is an art I think I can really grasp. I want to create things like my brother and sister do with their own art. I want to be able to connect with them on that level and since I can’t right now, well what better time to learn? 

So if you have any ideas on a good place to start with this endeavor of mine, let me know! I am dying to hear your suggestions I really am. Consider this an SOS Post, because I really don’t know where to start.



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