Public Relations Powerhouse

I haven’t been this happy in such a long time. I am so happy to announce that I was accepted into the Public Relations major at Penn State! The program is competitive and I am so blessed for them to have accepted me. I have been stressing about being accepted for pretty much over a year now, and getting that email just put me at ease. I don’t remember wanting something this much, or working this hard. I got my grades up, I cut the slack, I did my work and it really did pay off.

When I was a freshman, I was undecided. I don’t think I even knew what public relations was. After tanking my first semester, I realized later on that PR was something that I wanted to at least do a little more research on, just to see if it was for me. After taking the intro course, and falling in love with it, I got my butt into gear. Of course this was a controlled program with a crazy high GPA, but it was what I wanted, and I needed to stop making excuses for myself. This is my life now. 

With the chance that I might not have gotten it, I find myself wondering what I would’ve done if I was rejected…but then I get too happy to think about that because I am here and I have made it!

A lot of highs and lows have happened this year, and it’s only March. However, in this moment right now, I just know that things are looking up and I am on my way. I am at peace, I am happy, and I cannot wait to get to work. I’m ready to be a PR Powerhouse.



2 thoughts on “Public Relations Powerhouse

  1. Congratulations! I study Public Relations at university and I was like you, not too sure as to what it was. But I love my course and the work experience I have had in PR. I hope you enjoy your course.

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