Pinterest Picks!

I absolutely adore Pinterest. At first I didn’t understand the point of Pinterest, but it can serve so many purposes. I can build my wish list from it and I find wonderful ideas when it comes to outfit ideas or hair ideas on it. Pinterest is hands down my favorite social media site and you can check out and follow my Pinterest boards here. I go pin crazy every once in a while and after doing a Closet Haul post I thought it would be a great new post theme to try here on the blog. So here are some of my Pinterest Picks from this past week! 

In this gallery I pinned wonderful floral heels. I saw wedges like those in Charlotte Russe, but I didn’t get them. Regrets.

I’m starting to become an actual adult now, so I really want to get a real purse. A big, I-Am-A-Lady, handbag. My Accessorizeeee board has been riddled with Michael Kors pins because of this so I’m going to start saving up. More on this in the future hopefully.

The maxi skirt obsession continues also in Pinterest Picks… The Closet Haul post is linked above, so check that out for more on my love of maxi skirts.

I loved nails and nail art long before it was a trend. Imagine how mad I was when everyone started painting little pictures on their nails and making money off of it or something. Anyways, I am so good at painting my nails now, that my right hand and left hand look equally as good when I paint them myself. Yeah, no more shaking left hand syndrome. I love nail art, so when I see something good, it definitely gets pinned.

I have a new love for watches. My wrist are too small so I normally shy away from them, but I’m starting to appreciate the professionalism of checking your watch rather than scrambling to check a cell phone for the time.

The tunic dress is just something I just like. I want to believe that I could pull off an outfit like this but who knows. It’s springtime soon, the sun will come out. I’ll see what I can do. Fashion Goals.

Quotes are one of my favorite things. Words are powerful and the right ones always leave me thinking. I pinned this quote “She designed a life she loved” because that is exactly what I am doing now. Not only am I designing a life I love, but I love doing it as well.


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