Spring Break 2k14 Playlist

My Spring Break has come to an end, and if I learned anything this Spring Break, it’s that Top 40 wise, I have been way out of the loop. College puts me in a bubble so that when new songs come out, I miss them and then when it comes on the radio I sound like an Old Lady when I ask “What song is this?” Some of these songs I’ve heard before but didn’t like, some of them I haven’t heard at all, but all in all, I mean the Top 40 isn’t that terrible.

Without further ado, here is my Spring Break Playlist Top 40 Edition.

Talk Dirty To Me – Jason Derulo ft. Two Chainz 


This is one of those songs grew on me once I heard it when I was back home. Before I was all “Man, another Derulo song?” In the end though, I couldn’t resist that beat drop. It’s pretty killer. Also him and Jordan Sparks together is pretty perfect. I can’t wait to eventually blog about their wedding.

MMM Yeah – Austin Mahone ft. Pitbull



Normally I don’t supporting hating, but I am such a Pitbull hater it is unreal. I look to find everything wrong with him and every time he releases or features on a new song a little part of me screams in torture. So when this came on the radio I was stone faced…but then it kept playing and I couldn’t help rocking out. Austin Mahone is new to the music scene and I pegged him as a little below my age group, but we’ll see what happens with him in the future, this is the only song I currently know by him. MMM YEAHHHH

Replay- Zendaya 



Zendaya’s Disney Channel show was a little past my Disney days so I’m not familiar with her work, but she was a guest on America’s Next Top Model and she’s really cute. This song isn’t legendary and ground breaking but when it comes on I sing along, I jam to it, so no complaints. 

All of Me – John Legend 



This song literally haunted me all break, but it a good way. Whenever All of Me came on, I wanted to sob and call everyone I loved and hold the phone to the speakers, so that they can truly here how I feel about them. Fun Fact: John Legend gave a lecture at my school last year and sang this song, so I am basically ahead of the times.

Story of My Life – One Direction



This song has been out a long time, but the radio still cannot get enough of it. If you aren’t a Directioner I have nothing to say to you, because you must hate fun. They’re so much fun to listen to, and I am admitting this as an almost 20 year old. Of course, if you are a crazed, obsessed fan, I hope you’re 13. My parents love this song, so when it comes on the radio, they turn up the volume and sing along. Classic.

Happy – Pharrell 



Pharrell practically rose from the dead this summer and now he just can’t be stopped. With the release of GIRL, his Arby’s hat, and everyone getting significantly “Happier” it’s looking like 2k14 is the year of Pharrell.

Timber – Pitbull ft. Kesha



How can this not be on the playlist. Again with the Pitbull, but I normally just ignore his verse until it goes SWING YOUR PARTNER ROUND AND ROUND and then I jam out again. Also, props to Kesha because she’s out of rehab and doing way better. I love seeing celebrities recover well, because they’re people too.


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