Alex and Ani Bangles and Some Twitter Love

Not to sound like a crazed, obsessed teenager, but Alex and Ani (@alexandani) tweeted back at me, and I felt like a celebrity. If you don’t know who Alex and Ani are, they make awesome jewelry and the new craze are their bangles. 



I like them because, each charm has a meaning and their slogan is Positive Energy. That has been a major new theme in my life right now, and I love finding cool things that also embody this too. It’s like finding a treasure specific to me or something.You can get a bunch of charms, or only one or two and no matter what they still look adorable. They’re wire, so they’re not super heavy on your wrist and when it comes to affordable jewelry, you can always count me in. I have small baby wrist, so some of them are adjustable too so that’s great. I normally don’t wear bangles, bracelets, or rings because my hands are just so small. whenever I find something that fits though, I just want to go all out. 

If you have an Alex and Ani bangle, what kind of charms do you have? I love the Tree of Life bangle but I can’t decide which ones to get!

Also, here is my awesome twitter conversation with Alex and Ani. Sorry guys, I know how this looks, but I just love this. 



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