Pinterest Inspired: OOTD

Pinterest is still my absolute favorite social media platform, and this is one of the reasons why, I always find great outfit inspirations on here. Not only do I find clothes that I want to buy, but it’s always a treat to find an outfit that you can make and dress up from all of the stuff you already have! 

Here is today’s Pinterest Inspiration: 


 A denim top, and dark dark blue jeans with a brown belt, tan clutch, and high bun  

 And here is my take on it:


 Chambray Top, Black Jeans, Black Studded Belt, Statement Necklace



 Light Everyday Make up, Small Hoop Earrings, Pompadour Hairdo


 Arm Candy and Burgundy Nails




Tan Combat boots 


No matter how awesome you think an outfit you pinned is, there is always a way to recreate it and then add some of your own flare! What are some of your Favorite Pins! 


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