Officially Spring! Some Thoughts and OOTD

I woke up this morning, looked out my window, and I felt like a little kid again. Outside is sunny and beautiful today! The sun is out! It’s going to reach around 50 degrees here in Central PA and that is a miracle in itself! This brutal winter has made spring a gift and I am so excited to bust out the shorts and lemonades and get this party started!

Spring is such a wonderful time to start over. Sure there’s pollen and allergies, but there’s also flowers and warm weather! I always loved the spring, and since this winter felt like an eternity, I’m so glad warm weather is on its way! I’m not a winter hater, I actually like the snow and how beautiful it is, but this winter, I have to admit has been quite brutal.

All the more reason for a Spring Inspired OOTD! Today I couldn’t help but wear short sleeves, I think I’m cursed. I’ll probably throw on a cardigan or something before I run out but for right now, todays OOTD is a loose mint tee, a chunky infinity scarf, jeans, and combat boots. I love the cool color blocking that my blue infinity scarf has in contrast with the mint tee. It’s something I wouldn’t normally have done but now I’m glad I did. 

Today I’m trying out a different CoverGirl Smoochies lip balm color (because I left my old one at home….sigh). This one is very, very red, but so far, so good! I love the color and today, I wanted to be a little bold so here we go CoverGirl.



These glasses are not a Fashion Statement. I legitimately cannot see. 






CoverGirl Smoochies: Tweet Me


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