Fancy Friends: Anna’s OOTD

My lovely friend, Anna, is so excited for this spring season. So what better way to express all of that happiness than through her outfit! Anna is the first in one of my newest segments here on the blog called Fancy Friends! I love when I see my friends being happy and doing what they love. So why not write about it! Just to show how much I love them.

My friends have been a wonderful and positive influence on my life, especially this year. I talk about myself and my thoughts here a lot (which I guess is the point of blogging? Maybe, I don’t know) but I wanted to take some time out, if only for a few posts to celebrate my amazing friends. They’ve been so supportive of my during this blogging journey and all of my other journeys, so why not give them a little love on the blog?

Today, Anna graced us with a lovely black dress and killer boots. Light make up and wavy hair. She donned an Alex and Ani bracelet so my obsession for those obviously grew tremendously because I didn’t know she had one and was hiding them from me! It’s spring time and Friday so why not get a little dolled up, right? And just look how happy she is!





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