Why We Shouldn’t Be Afraid of Turning 20

This year, I am more hyper aware of when everyone’s birthdays are because all I keep hearing is the Mid- Midlife crisis that everyone is having. “20 is the end of teenage years and the end of youth as we know it” is the constant thought process that has diseased the minds of 19 year olds about to take the leap into a new decade. And I do not want this to happen to me.

Having a huge crisis because you’re a whole year older is actually quite concerning. This is no surprise, it happens every year actually, your birthday is one of the most anticipated dates, so don’t let it take you by surprise. Being 20 is not the end. It’s a blessing. You’ve made it this far in life and you should not be taking life, or birthdays for that matter, for granted. You should live life to the fullest, but you already knew that.

Personally, I love birthdays. I get to see my friends and family. Now that school ends in May I get to be home in NY and so do all of my friends from home, so seeing everyone all together is a wonderful birthday gift in itself. I get cake. I get to share my birthday with my best friend, partner in crime, and twin sister, which makes birthdays all the more special for me. My birthday is always full of love, so why wouldn’t I love it.

Of course getting older is always horrifying. I heard adults pay taxes. But taxes or not, getting older isn’t something to fear, but to embrace. I am loving the older, more mature me. I stand taller. I do things for myself. I do more things for others. Getting older is part of life man, no need to run from it, because there’s no where to go.

So if your birthday is coming around and you feel a Mid-Midlife crisis coming on, squash that mindset like a spider and quick. Being 20 is going to be great. And so is being an adult.



2 thoughts on “Why We Shouldn’t Be Afraid of Turning 20

  1. I am turning 25 next week, which is a weird feeling and this post reminded me that I also felt the same way when I was turning 20 and ending my teenage years. I guess milestone birthdays just have that effect. My early twenties were lots of fun though & I hope yours are too! One of the good things about getting older is being able to look back and realize that you had no reason to worry. 🙂

    • They do! I’m turning 20 in a couple months and everything is already different. You’re absolutely right though, there is no reason to worry! Thank you so much for reading!

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