Fancy Friends: Catherine’s Showcase

Here’s another Fancy Friends post! Last weekend, a bunch of my friends and I went to see Catherine’s showcase for her dance team, Rinca Na Leon, Penn State’s Irish Dance Team. Catherine has been dancing for them since her freshman year and she really has grown to love her dance team. There was a slideshow during intermission and before the showcase and Catherine was in almost ever picture. She is super dedicated and passionate about her performances and what she does.

Catherine killed it. The first number was a traditional number, and we were able to pick Catherine out from the beginning. Then, all of a sudden, they broke away from her, and Catherine started her solo and I almost lost it, I was so proud of her. We all cheered and screamed for her. She did such a great job. Guys, Catherine has calves of steel, and this is why. Her movers were all so precise and strong. I couldn’t be more proud of her performances that night. Rinca Na Leon performed a lot of traditional numbers, dances that the girls cheoreographed themselves, and non traditional dances as well.

So I know very little about Irish Dance. I actually don’t know a whole lot at all, and I could imagine, that unless you were a parent in the audience you probably didn’t either. What was really helpful was that after every number, the former president of Rinca Na Leon would come out and talk a little bit about the history of the club and how they’ve grown over the past couple years. It’s always nice to see success in things that started out so small. Now, Rinca Na Leon has sponsors and they even get their skirts hand made and shipped from Ireland! They’ve performed for the President of Ireland and on the football field with our mascot, the Nittany Lion. That’s pretty incredible

I used to dance back in high school, and now that I do it less frequently, I have to say, seeing Catherine up there on stage made me miss being up there too. I love watching my friends go out and do things they love. Great job Catherine. I can’t wait to see another show! 


My favorite dancer, Catherine!


Everyone after the show!


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