Favorite Things: Beauty Edition

It’s time for another Favorites post! I (think) the last time I did this was February, or very early March, so now is the perfect time to do another one! This Favorite Things post is some of my new favorite beauty products that I just started trying and now cannot live without. 

Here are my Favorite things for this month!

Sally Hansen Strengthening Top Coat


Spring is here, and this is the season when painting your nails is the big craze. I personally love painting my nails. The big downfall of painting your own nails is that they usually chip after the first day (or if you’re clumsy like me, the first couple of hours). I found this top coat just laying around my house when I was home for spring break, and I took it back to school with me. This Sally Hansen Top coat is magical! I did my nails on Sunday, and they’re still pretty perfect and barely chipped. I feel like I found the Fountain of Youth, but for my fingernails. 

Maybelline Master Precise Liquid Eyeliner 


I know the beauty rule, is to not wear liquid eyeliner everyday…but that’s what I do. I normally don’t have a problem with it coming off. The Master Precise it the best liquid eyeliner I have used in such a long time. This was a spontaneous purchase from CVS. I’ve been using the same Revlon eyeliner for about 100 years, so it was time for a new one. This eyeliner goes on perfectly in one swoop. I don’t know if it’s because I have perfected my skills in liquid eyeliner application, or if this is just the best eyeliner ever. I’m leaning towards option two. 

Covergirl BB Cream


I used to be a huge liquid foundation junkie. It was kind of embarrassing, I would walk around looking like my face was painted and now that I look back on those dark ages…sigh. Now that my face has cleared up a lot, I wanted to start to ween myself off of liquid foundation. I like BB cream because it’s way lighter than liquid foundation by a mile and I like the coverage it has on my face. I picked up the Covergirl BB cream just as a trial run, and I have no real complaints. I do want to experiment in this newfound realm of BB cream. I’ll keep you guys updated.




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