April Showers Bring May Flowers: Outfit of the Day

I know my title is slightly misleading, because it isn’t actually May yet, but bare with me. I said May flowers because of my new floral dress! My new fun and floral dress that I got at Urban Outfitters is so fun and exactly what I was looking for. I also love saving money (who doesn’t?) and I got the dress for only $10.00! I love florals patterns, which is why I’m so happy it’s spring because now it’s acceptably to wear them all the time. I paired my new black floral dress with my combat boots to give the outfit some edge (it was also a little chilly out) and threw my hair in a side bun. I can’t wait to enjoy all of this nice weather!




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The Bucket List

Ever since I spontaneously Carped-some-Diem with The Buried Life, I’ve been thinking about what would be on my own bucket list. It’s weird because, I don’t want to bungee jump or anything like that, but one of the things that The Buried Life talked about was, making sure you write down what you want to accomplish, so that it’s not a dream anymore, it’s a goal. So I wanted to make my own. 

Now this might be the only time I ever post about my Bucket List. It’s also quite tentative too because granted, things change. I could add things or take things off, but now that I finally started a Bucket List and I see my goals all laid out in front of me, maybe I’ll get started on some items on my list.  What’s something on your Bucket List? 

1. Get Published

2. Work in NYC

3. Live in LA for a short amount of time

4. Become an expert at Nail Art

5. Have a well known brand

6. Have David Tutera plan my wedding

7. Meet Tia and Tamara 

8. Graduate College

9. Get a Master’s Degree 

10. Travel 

11. Be a Make Up Guru/Fashionista Extravagant 

12. Start a Family

13. Raise awesome kids

14. Have a Beach House

15. Work closely with a charity of my choice

16. Win Family Feud (the video game..)

17. Win Family Feud (the TV Show)

18. Only compete on Family Feud if Steve Harvey is the Host

19. Work in a Fashion Public Relations Firm

20. Work in Crisis Communications 

21. Swim with Dolphins

22. Go To New Zealand 

23. Meet Tyra Banks 

24. Compete on America’s Next Top Model

25. Learn the ins’ and outs’ of photography and video making

26. Become fluent in another language 


28. Go on a cruise 

29. Go on a Road Trip with my friends

30.  Go on a Date with Bruno Mars


Tuesday Inspirations

It’s been a long semester guys. Now that the last push is coming, I start to remember when I ran track, when Coach Barnes would tell me to push your hardest at the end of a race. That’s what this semester feels like. With each passing day, I have been getting more zombie like and disinterested. I know I’m not the only one who is going through some Finals blues. Some of my readers are going through the stress of finals as well.

So I have an idea. I’ll do some Finals Week Inspiration posts during these coming weeks because finals are upon us.

This inspirations post will be taken from my Quotes/Sayings board on Pinterest. Here are some inspirational quotes to get you through your Tuesday.


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Easter Reflections

When I started blogging, I wanted to do a monthly Resolutions Check-in, where I would check-in with myself every month to see how well I was doing with my New Year’s Resolutions.

I forgot.

But today is Easter Sunday! A time of reflection, new beginnings, and starting over. A time where we reflect on the past season of Lent and also celebrate Spring and the Resurrection.

I’m not going to necessarily reflect on my New Year’s Resolutions, because I don’t remember all of them. But who says I have to wait until the new year to start making goals for myself? That’s right, no one.  Here are some goals I am going to set for myself for the rest of the year!

Health Comes First

After my night in the ER a couple months ago, my health has been at the top of my list. I need to start taking care of myself and realize that I am not invincible. Anything can happen to anyone. I like talking about Beauty and Fashion on the blog, but real beauty comes from the inside right? So I have to make sure I am tinkering and working in all the right ways in order for me to keep doing the things I love. This means taking my vitamins and eating properly. All simple things, so it can be done.

Go Back to the Gym

Since we are on the topic of health, My gym hiatus is still on a roll. There are only two more weeks left of school, but when I get back home, I will most definitely get back into my groove.

Blogging Things

I want to do some construction on my blog too. Just make it pretty and keep content consistent and such. My readers, friends, and family have been wonderful supporters, and I actually see my website becoming something great. I can’t wait for that future, so I want to make sure it can be as professional as possible, while still being genuine and true to myself.


I take school very seriously. I worry and stress about grades and tests and projects and papers. This semester, I have to admit I felt like I was drowning with all of the work I had. As overwhelming as this semester was though, I want to finish these last two weeks strong.

Summer is Coming

I have big summer plans. From vacations to work/internships, I couldn’t be more excited to finally go home and start my summer. I want to make the most out of it, so I’m going to. I can’t wait to share what happens with you.

Happy Easter Everyone! 





Favorite Things: Lipsticks

So I’ve been oh so timid to dive into the world of lipsticks. I’ve been using gateway solutions like tinted lip balm and like Vaseline, but Spring is here and so is the new lipstick me!

The thing about tinted lip balm is that, it eventually comes off during the day. My nice, light subtle purple shade is all gone by 2pm and my day has not even begun yet.  I used to be a lipgloss person (until like, yesterday) so there has been a lot of experimenting going on.

Lipstick is awesome because it stays on the whole day! I touch it up like once or twice and I’m still all nice and pink.

This Favorite Things post will be dedicated to all of the new lipsticks I’ve been trying.I have a red, a pink, and a purple. If you’re not a lipstick girl, let me show you the ways of this intimidating, wonderful world of lipsticks.

Revlon ColorStay Ultra Suede: Trendsetter 085

photo 2

Red Lipstick is super daring and dangerous and not my speed, but I tried this one out, and it was red enough to be eye catching, but not so red that I looked scary (or felt too uncomfortable to leave my room). This color really is fun and definitely gives an awesome confidence boost.

Revlon ColorStay Ultra Suede: Muse 005

photo 3

This is oh so pink. I have a fear of pink lipsticks, because if you’re black, like me, it’s really hard to pull off pink lipstick. I wore this out though and got a lot of compliments. Especially for the spring and nice weather, I want to be able to put on a nice light lipstick, not a darker one. It’ll all depend on the rest of your makeup and your outfit on how well pink lipsticks can be pulled off. It can be done!

Ulta: Bit of Berry

photo 1

Black women in dark lipstick is the best movement around. My sister pulls off dark purple lipsticks better than anyone I know. But she goes really deep purple. This is a pink-purple but leans more towards the purple side, which is just what I wanted. It works well with my skin tone, and makes me feel sophisticated. #BlackWomenDarkLipstick .

photo 1

Left to Right: Bit Of Berry, Trendsetter, Muse

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De-Stressing at the Duck Pond

It was late afternoon and I just slam-dunked on this exam. So naturally, I went all the way downtown to reward myself with an iced coffee. I took a different walk back to my room though, and I don’t really know why. It’s not like me to change routes like that, but I am so happy I did.

So ducks are my favorite animals here on campus. Every time I get off the bus, there is always a little clan of ducks walking in the grass, and I always smile when I see them. Call me crazy, but staring at books and brick walls all day makes you really appreciate the more natural things in life.

On my walk down a different route, I found the Duck Pond! I knew there was a Duck Pond, I just never really gave it a second thought as to where it was. But there it was! Quiet, serene, peaceful. And all for me. I sat on a bench and started reading and drinking my iced coffee. This little piece of nature was tucked away in all of the commotion of State College. That makes me smile. That means that there are little bubble of peace that are tucked away in all of the chaos.

And I found mine.



Oh look! Me and all my friends!


Reading at the Duck Pond. Please ignore my chipped manicure okay.


Me and all my friends again!


Ducks are my favorite….. QWACK! QWACK! QWACK!


Sun and branches.

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Fashion Inspirations: Coachella

Coachella was last weekend! I sat here in PA and wished for nothing more than to witness Beyonce and Solange on stage together, or Leonardo air punching/dancing to MGMT. Never fear readers, I have devised a way to bring Coachella a little closer to home. If you’re like me and couldn’t go galavanting in the desert this weekend, share in some fashion inspirations with me as we reminisce in what could have been.

Coachella is always a summer tease. Flower headbands, crop tops, and daring fashion choices are the rage this weekend. This post, I am going to show you guys some of my favorite celebrity fashions! I’ll also show you guys some of my outfit inspirations and then you can tell me some of yours!

Kendall Jenner


She had to be my favorite. Everyone went up in storm when her and her sis dressed in all black goth-esque outfits the first day, but Kendall definetly recovered from her fashion mishap on day two. What makes this for me is the Kimono. The outfit would have been so average without it. Just a crop top and high waisted shorts It’s daring and pulls it all together into something much more graceful.

Selena Gomez


Can you say, lace? This will probably end up being someone’s Ultra Indie inspired wedding gown. This outfit is a perfect being sexy without being too outrageous. The Red Bull is also a nice touch, Selena.

Jared Leto


The King of Ombre had a paradise printed on his top. I adore him, but he could have zipped up his shoes, that would be my only complaint.

What would you wear to Coachella? Here are some of my outfit inspirations!

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Red Carpet Rewind: MTV Movie Awards

I can sniff out an awards show from miles away, and yesterday, the most anticipated award show for MTV was yesterday. The MTV Movie Awards is always a little more laissez faire than other award shows when it comes to fashion and the actual awards itself (shoutout to Zac Efron winning Best Shirtless Performance. What even goes into deciding who wins that award?)

Nonetheless some stars went on the Red Carpet and dazzled. Here are my favorites on the Red Carpet from last nights MTV Movie Awards.


Nicole ‘Snooki’ Polizzi

Yeah guys, I love Snooki now. I wasn’t a huge fan of her on the Jersey Shore, but now she’s a cute mama and my Gym-spiraton. She looked great in this cute floral dress and added baby bump (I know!). I’m already obsessed with Lorenzo from her Instagram, so now that there’s another baby on the way I can’t wait. 


Rita Ora 

The British Singer wowed in this cute black low slit dress. I love her make up and hair too it’s all so elegant. She also assaulted Zac Efron on stage and ripped his shirt off, which was hysterical.


Jessica Alba

Circle Skirts! I love circle skirts. Especially this one on Jessica Alba because it’s huge and yellow. Talk about summer fun.


Lupita Nyong’o

Lupita has already been seen in every color on the Red Carpet, so at the Movie Awards she decided to sport all the colors in one dress. I dig it, but this might just be because I’m obsessed with her. It’s fun and funky at the same time. I love seeing daring fashion choices from Nyong’o.


Nicki Minaj

I love Nicki Minaj’s new simple look. I loved her in pink wigs too, but this whole ‘less is more/keeping it all natural’ is my favorite Nicki stage. 


Here are some more Red Carpet Favorites! What were some of yours?


Spring Closet Haul: Charlotte Russe !

Friday, my friends and I took a much needed trip to the mall. Nothing cures the anxieties of schoolwork and exams quite like retail therapy. It was great to try on clothes, even if we had no intention of buy it. Finding great deals that we just couldn’t possibly pass up was also a wonderful perk.

This season for fashion is going to be so promising, because we just couldn’t stop finding things we loved. We couldn’t buy everything so we all had a little goal for what we wanted. My goal was dresses. I want to be a dresses girl, and especially with Easter coming up, and just nice weather, it would be nice to just slip into a dress and be beautiful. 

I love Charlotte Russe, because their clothes are generally not very expensive, in comparison to a lot of other stores we browsed in the mall. Being a college student on a budget, this is very important. Why would I want to buy something for $50, when I could get it somewhere else for $35?  Here are the fashion finds I got from the one and only Charlotte Russe (sorry, I’m obsessed)! 


Aztec Print Double Slit Maxi Skirt

The maxi skirt obsession continues. I made sure to get on this trend early in the season.


Strapless Lace Floral Print Dress

I don’t normally buy dresses like this, but now I am thrusted out of my comfort zone. I tried this dress on and I loved it. Oh the possibilities.


Hi-Low Patterned Dress

I kept walking pass this dress the whole time we were in the store, it just kept calling me. Another dress that is out of my comfort zone, the back is lace and quite fancy. I grew to love it after I tried it on. Plus the deal was, buy one dress, get one for $10. So I couldn’t resist.


Statement Necklace

I love this necklace. When I saw it, I just had to have it. I love statement necklaces, so this is being added to my collection

Gym Madness: The Hiatus

As the end of the semester is approaching, work and school has just been piling on. While a whole bunch of great opportunities have come my way, this busy life I now live has resulted in a hiatus from the gym. I’ve been meaning to write this post last week, but I was hoping that I would just go back to the gym and I wouldn’t have to. That obviously did not happen.

I used to go to the gym in the morning, and I found it to be an awesome way to start my day. That was when I was still getting at least 7 hours of sleep. Now that I am staying up late working and going to bed so late, I find zero thrill in dragging myself out of bed to go to the gym, good Lord. 

I’m not kicking myself because of body issues or anything. I don’t believe that this gym hiatus should result in me punishing myself and calling myself ugly and fat because I’m not I don’t believe that. I still eat well (well enough..) so there is no reason why I should be upset. So I’m not. I just need to get back in the groove.

Maybe when all of my schoolwork calms down I’ll get back into the gym groove. It’s getting nicer (can you say 70 degrees today!) so going to the gym will be a joy. It’s so funny, I don’t go to the gym when it’s beautiful out, but I have no problem trucking through a snow storm to get my cardio. Go figure.