Spring is Here to Stay!

Beautiful weather here in Happy Valley, always leads to beautiful scenery as well. This long, bitter winter made me forget how beautiful my campus really is, when it isn’t burred in mounds of dirty snow and temperatures below 0 degrees. This week is hectic enough already, so I’m going to be trapped inside studying, writing papers, doing projects, and practicing for interviews. I’ve been in class and in the dining hall studying for what seemed like forever, just sitting next to the window, wishing I was 7 years old and running around outside for absolutely no reason. I couldn’t hold it in anymore though, I packed up my laptop and just went for a walk downtown. I had to shed my light jacket and all I had on was my nice A&F short sleeve, dark jeans, and Airwalks and it felt great (sorry no OOTD today guys… forgot to snap pictures). I grabbed myself a (well deserved, I think) Mocha Iced Coffee and glazed donut (which I devoured in T minus 2 seconds…) and walked downtown. I love State College when it’s above 50 degrees. Everyone seizes the day. People don’t take the bus as often, they dress up, they smile at me when I walk past them. There’s just so much good energy that comes with nice weather. This is me crossing my fingers, hoping the weather stays this way!





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