Spring Closet Haul: Charlotte Russe !

Friday, my friends and I took a much needed trip to the mall. Nothing cures the anxieties of schoolwork and exams quite like retail therapy. It was great to try on clothes, even if we had no intention of buy it. Finding great deals that we just couldn’t possibly pass up was also a wonderful perk.

This season for fashion is going to be so promising, because we just couldn’t stop finding things we loved. We couldn’t buy everything so we all had a little goal for what we wanted. My goal was dresses. I want to be a dresses girl, and especially with Easter coming up, and just nice weather, it would be nice to just slip into a dress and be beautiful. 

I love Charlotte Russe, because their clothes are generally not very expensive, in comparison to a lot of other stores we browsed in the mall. Being a college student on a budget, this is very important. Why would I want to buy something for $50, when I could get it somewhere else for $35?  Here are the fashion finds I got from the one and only Charlotte Russe (sorry, I’m obsessed)! 


Aztec Print Double Slit Maxi Skirt

The maxi skirt obsession continues. I made sure to get on this trend early in the season.


Strapless Lace Floral Print Dress

I don’t normally buy dresses like this, but now I am thrusted out of my comfort zone. I tried this dress on and I loved it. Oh the possibilities.


Hi-Low Patterned Dress

I kept walking pass this dress the whole time we were in the store, it just kept calling me. Another dress that is out of my comfort zone, the back is lace and quite fancy. I grew to love it after I tried it on. Plus the deal was, buy one dress, get one for $10. So I couldn’t resist.


Statement Necklace

I love this necklace. When I saw it, I just had to have it. I love statement necklaces, so this is being added to my collection


5 thoughts on “Spring Closet Haul: Charlotte Russe !

  1. My friends love CR, but I hardly ever shop there. You got a lot of cute pieces, and I hoped you used your student discount! Had to throw that in cause saving on clothes es muy important.

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