Fashion Inspirations: Coachella

Coachella was last weekend! I sat here in PA and wished for nothing more than to witness Beyonce and Solange on stage together, or Leonardo air punching/dancing to MGMT. Never fear readers, I have devised a way to bring Coachella a little closer to home. If you’re like me and couldn’t go galavanting in the desert this weekend, share in some fashion inspirations with me as we reminisce in what could have been.

Coachella is always a summer tease. Flower headbands, crop tops, and daring fashion choices are the rage this weekend. This post, I am going to show you guys some of my favorite celebrity fashions! I’ll also show you guys some of my outfit inspirations and then you can tell me some of yours!

Kendall Jenner


She had to be my favorite. Everyone went up in storm when her and her sis dressed in all black goth-esque outfits the first day, but Kendall definetly recovered from her fashion mishap on day two. What makes this for me is the Kimono. The outfit would have been so average without it. Just a crop top and high waisted shorts It’s daring and pulls it all together into something much more graceful.

Selena Gomez


Can you say, lace? This will probably end up being someone’s Ultra Indie inspired wedding gown. This outfit is a perfect being sexy without being too outrageous. The Red Bull is also a nice touch, Selena.

Jared Leto


The King of Ombre had a paradise printed on his top. I adore him, but he could have zipped up his shoes, that would be my only complaint.

What would you wear to Coachella? Here are some of my outfit inspirations!

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