De-Stressing at the Duck Pond

It was late afternoon and I just slam-dunked on this exam. So naturally, I went all the way downtown to reward myself with an iced coffee. I took a different walk back to my room though, and I don’t really know why. It’s not like me to change routes like that, but I am so happy I did.

So ducks are my favorite animals here on campus. Every time I get off the bus, there is always a little clan of ducks walking in the grass, and I always smile when I see them. Call me crazy, but staring at books and brick walls all day makes you really appreciate the more natural things in life.

On my walk down a different route, I found the Duck Pond! I knew there was a Duck Pond, I just never really gave it a second thought as to where it was. But there it was! Quiet, serene, peaceful. And all for me. I sat on a bench and started reading and drinking my iced coffee. This little piece of nature was tucked away in all of the commotion of State College. That makes me smile. That means that there are little bubble of peace that are tucked away in all of the chaos.

And I found mine.



Oh look! Me and all my friends!


Reading at the Duck Pond. Please ignore my chipped manicure okay.


Me and all my friends again!


Ducks are my favorite….. QWACK! QWACK! QWACK!


Sun and branches.

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