Favorite Things: Lipsticks

So I’ve been oh so timid to dive into the world of lipsticks. I’ve been using gateway solutions like tinted lip balm and like Vaseline, but Spring is here and so is the new lipstick me!

The thing about tinted lip balm is that, it eventually comes off during the day. My nice, light subtle purple shade is all gone by 2pm and my day has not even begun yet.  I used to be a lipgloss person (until like, yesterday) so there has been a lot of experimenting going on.

Lipstick is awesome because it stays on the whole day! I touch it up like once or twice and I’m still all nice and pink.

This Favorite Things post will be dedicated to all of the new lipsticks I’ve been trying.I have a red, a pink, and a purple. If you’re not a lipstick girl, let me show you the ways of this intimidating, wonderful world of lipsticks.

Revlon ColorStay Ultra Suede: Trendsetter 085

photo 2

Red Lipstick is super daring and dangerous and not my speed, but I tried this one out, and it was red enough to be eye catching, but not so red that I looked scary (or felt too uncomfortable to leave my room). This color really is fun and definitely gives an awesome confidence boost.

Revlon ColorStay Ultra Suede: Muse 005

photo 3

This is oh so pink. I have a fear of pink lipsticks, because if you’re black, like me, it’s really hard to pull off pink lipstick. I wore this out though and got a lot of compliments. Especially for the spring and nice weather, I want to be able to put on a nice light lipstick, not a darker one. It’ll all depend on the rest of your makeup and your outfit on how well pink lipsticks can be pulled off. It can be done!

Ulta: Bit of Berry

photo 1

Black women in dark lipstick is the best movement around. My sister pulls off dark purple lipsticks better than anyone I know. But she goes really deep purple. This is a pink-purple but leans more towards the purple side, which is just what I wanted. It works well with my skin tone, and makes me feel sophisticated. #BlackWomenDarkLipstick .

photo 1

Left to Right: Bit Of Berry, Trendsetter, Muse

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