Easter Reflections

When I started blogging, I wanted to do a monthly Resolutions Check-in, where I would check-in with myself every month to see how well I was doing with my New Year’s Resolutions.

I forgot.

But today is Easter Sunday! A time of reflection, new beginnings, and starting over. A time where we reflect on the past season of Lent and also celebrate Spring and the Resurrection.

I’m not going to necessarily reflect on my New Year’s Resolutions, because I don’t remember all of them. But who says I have to wait until the new year to start making goals for myself? That’s right, no one.  Here are some goals I am going to set for myself for the rest of the year!

Health Comes First

After my night in the ER a couple months ago, my health has been at the top of my list. I need to start taking care of myself and realize that I am not invincible. Anything can happen to anyone. I like talking about Beauty and Fashion on the blog, but real beauty comes from the inside right? So I have to make sure I am tinkering and working in all the right ways in order for me to keep doing the things I love. This means taking my vitamins and eating properly. All simple things, so it can be done.

Go Back to the Gym

Since we are on the topic of health, My gym hiatus is still on a roll. There are only two more weeks left of school, but when I get back home, I will most definitely get back into my groove.

Blogging Things

I want to do some construction on my blog too. Just make it pretty and keep content consistent and such. My readers, friends, and family have been wonderful supporters, and I actually see my website becoming something great. I can’t wait for that future, so I want to make sure it can be as professional as possible, while still being genuine and true to myself.


I take school very seriously. I worry and stress about grades and tests and projects and papers. This semester, I have to admit I felt like I was drowning with all of the work I had. As overwhelming as this semester was though, I want to finish these last two weeks strong.

Summer is Coming

I have big summer plans. From vacations to work/internships, I couldn’t be more excited to finally go home and start my summer. I want to make the most out of it, so I’m going to. I can’t wait to share what happens with you.

Happy Easter Everyone! 






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