The Bucket List

Ever since I spontaneously Carped-some-Diem with The Buried Life, I’ve been thinking about what would be on my own bucket list. It’s weird because, I don’t want to bungee jump or anything like that, but one of the things that The Buried Life talked about was, making sure you write down what you want to accomplish, so that it’s not a dream anymore, it’s a goal. So I wanted to make my own. 

Now this might be the only time I ever post about my Bucket List. It’s also quite tentative too because granted, things change. I could add things or take things off, but now that I finally started a Bucket List and I see my goals all laid out in front of me, maybe I’ll get started on some items on my list.  What’s something on your Bucket List? 

1. Get Published

2. Work in NYC

3. Live in LA for a short amount of time

4. Become an expert at Nail Art

5. Have a well known brand

6. Have David Tutera plan my wedding

7. Meet Tia and Tamara 

8. Graduate College

9. Get a Master’s Degree 

10. Travel 

11. Be a Make Up Guru/Fashionista Extravagant 

12. Start a Family

13. Raise awesome kids

14. Have a Beach House

15. Work closely with a charity of my choice

16. Win Family Feud (the video game..)

17. Win Family Feud (the TV Show)

18. Only compete on Family Feud if Steve Harvey is the Host

19. Work in a Fashion Public Relations Firm

20. Work in Crisis Communications 

21. Swim with Dolphins

22. Go To New Zealand 

23. Meet Tyra Banks 

24. Compete on America’s Next Top Model

25. Learn the ins’ and outs’ of photography and video making

26. Become fluent in another language 


28. Go on a cruise 

29. Go on a Road Trip with my friends

30.  Go on a Date with Bruno Mars



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