Thursday Inspirations: Who Am I?

A while back I did a final project for another class (that I honestly hated, but grew to like eventually). We examined the question, ‘Who am I?’ but we went a lot deeper in exploring this concept. We are a lot of things, I guess you can say, but trying to discover who you are as a person, is a concept that we have to grow with for the rest of our lives. For my final project, I made a video and asked all of my friends to answer the ‘Who Am I?’ question and then tape themselves. I absolutely loved the responses I got.

I’m including this in my inspirations post because, this video I made has become very special to me. My friends are a huge source of my strength and they inspire me everyday whether they know it or not. Watch the video and think about all the awesome things you are. Then try to answer the question. Who Am I?



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