Red Carpet Rewind: Met Gala

Sorry I have been so absent friends! Finals week is in full swing, but I do have some prepared post for you guys (Hint! Hint! A guest post from one of my favorite people is underway!) Currently, I’m in the dining commons working on some final papers. I’m also stupid sick and have no voice or will to live but alas, we must push on readers, for we cannot let Finals Week get us down!

Anyway! Big night for fashion yesterday as the Met Gala commenced! I swooned over pictures all night as I watched everyone go down the Red Carpet. Here are some of my favorites from last night!



I loved The Queen’s look. I know everyone was very iffy on it, but I liked the mesh and black and little stupid thing in front of her face. Also #DarkWomenDarkLipstick is still a thing, and I love it. Every time I see Bey and Jay on the Red Carpet, it’s like seeing the greatest power couple in the universe.



With all the RiRi news that’s been floatings around, I’m happy to see her all pretty and edgy on the Red Carpet, regardless of Instagram drama.

Chrissy Teigan 


This months Cosmo Cover girl shined for me. Her twitter is also hysterical and she’s married to John Legend. She can really do no wrong.

Janelle Monae


She truly is, the Electric Lady. I adore her, and her style and just everything about her.

Cara Delevingne


I heard no buzz or anything on Cara Delevingne, and I loved her outfit. If you’re going to wear pants at the Met Ball, you’ve got to be on point, and she nailed it. She’s also got the sharpest eyebrows in the universe, but you already knew that.


Here are some more of my favorites from last nights Met Ball! What are some of yours?


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