Gillette Venus Snap VoxBox Review #InASnap

I received this product complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes. All opinions are my own.


A couple days ago I received my first ever VoxBox from Influenster! If you see my little badge on the sidebar, you’ll see that I’m a member of the Influenster Nation. All this means is that based on my likes and interest, they send me products and I get to review whether I like it or not. Super Duper!

Anyway, I received this adorable Gillette Venus Snap with Venus Embrace. Summer may not be until the end of June, but shorts, skirts, and tank tops season is basically here. There is nothing worse than having nice and warm weather sneak up on you, and you have hairy monster legs.

The point of the Gillette Venus Snap is that it’s portable. Basically they have a little mini version of the razor in a little egg carrying case, and you can just throw it in your purse and be on with your day. Now I know how I am and how I act, and if I’m out on the town with my friends and notice three hairs on my knee, I’m not going to stop the party and whip out my egg carrying case and take care of business. But what I would use it for is going on vacations! Packing for vacations is always a hassle and last thing I need to do is grab a handful of disposable razors and throw them in my carry on, only to lose them all in the mess of packing everything else. Now my cute little egg carrying case with my Gillette Venus Snap will have this awesome razor ready for me to bust out and shave away. 

The razor itself is great. With five blades, there’s no excuse for not getting every hair. Be wary if you do plan on using this on the go and on the fly, because the little lotion strip does need a little water for you to get that nice clean ahhhh sensation after you shave. I love it to pieces and I’ll definitely be throwing it into my carryon from now on.


Gillette Venus Snap with Venus Embrace


Portable Carrying Case. I think it looks like a little blue egg.


The Egg unleashed! Holding my new little baby razor! 


Thanks Influenster !




13 thoughts on “Gillette Venus Snap VoxBox Review #InASnap

  1. Just wondering – I just got my first Vox Box and the options yet don’t say blog about it. Did you go ahead and write a post anyway, or is there a later point where that’s one of the things you can do? I’m so new to this whole thing, I didn’t even know I was getting a box until it arrived at my doorstep!


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